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Best Interior Designers

Meet best interior designers at London May Design Series

For 2015 May Design Series brings to London 500 brands from 26 countries and a brand new, free to attend 3 day Conference programme. This exciting event is a must see for every design lover in London. Fantastic opportunity to catch up with new trends and see brands never exhibited in London before. It is also a great chance to meet some of the most innovative interior designers during the series of conferences and seminars.

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Lily BernheimerLily Bernheimer

Seminar: Promoting wellbeing through design

Lily Bernheimer is an environmental psychology consultant, researcher, and writer, who sees the transition to more sustainable lifestyles as an opportunity to create spaces that work better for people. She is Founding Director of Space Works Consulting and has been working in human-centred design in the built environment since 2007. At Space Works, she consults on workspace design and behaviour change, and conducts research on how the built environment can be improved through a better understand of human factors and well-being. Her recent research includes a major publication for Adam Architecture and Grainger plc: Tomorrow’s Home: Emerging Social Trends and their Impact on the Built Environment. She also brings a wealth of experience in well-being and design from her past work in the urban realm and sustainable transport in New York City and California. She is currently a Research Fellow at the University of Surrey, where she obtained her MSc. In Environmental Psychology, and also holds a BA from Brown University.

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