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Tips to make your thanksgiving table absolutely gorgeous

Are you planning your Thanksgiving? Yes? No? You’ve just got some ideas in your head but you haven’t had the time to get to work?

If you fit in one of these “categories” read on.

Best interior designers will give to you some tips used by top designers in order to make your Thanksgiving table more festive and inviting

1 – Mix Styles – Designer Robert Rufino recommends you to use several objects to create a more vibrant ambience “. “For more personality, combine all your candlesticks – wood, crystal, and porcelain”

Thanksgiving decorations

2 – Make a different centerpiece – Home furnishing designer Jan Barboglio uses some things beside floral arrangements: “I select artifacts my children or I have collected. These pieces have a richness of spirit, a softness of age, and a story,”

Thanksgiving centerpiece

3- Try a tureen – Legendary designer Charlotte Moss advices you to have a tureen for each one of the guests. “An individual tureen makes a dish look like it was made just for you” says the more than talented lady.

Chic Thanksgiving table decoration

4- Personalize cards – Almost everyone agrees that by creating your own place cards you’re giving a nice, thoughtful touch to your table. Designer Thomas O’Brian says: Always write your own place cards, even if your handwriting is quirky. It makes the setting more personal,”

Kids will love if you create some fun cards.

Fun place card

The important thing is to have a great time during the Holidays. Decor should be on your mind but don’t forget to have fun.

Sources:  House Beautiful

Images: Iyume, Martha Stewart