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Best Interior Designers, North America

Lori Morris | Best Interior Designers From Canada

Lori Morris is the design force behind the House of LMD, a popular and spectacular design studio that has been shaking up the design world in North America since 1987. With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the House of LMD has produced some amazing design projects across the world in the last decades. Lori’s designs embody luxury and glamour, each leaving us beautifully fulfilled, yet forever wanting more. We can’t get enough of her seductive sophistication and avant-garde edge.

Based in Toronto and working for jet-setters around the planet, Lori Morris is recognized as one of the best interior designers. Her main goal as a professional with a long career is to reinvent the standard in home design.

With headquarters in Toronto, Canada, the top interior designerand her team have created some remarkable design projects in the past decades all over the world. Discover some of these amazing interior projects and be amazed by its unique design!

Together with a professional team of design specialists – The House of LMD – Morris gives new life to their clients’ dreams. Understanding the client’s vision is key and the top interior designer, together with her design studio, delivers original unique designs whatever the scope of the interior design project. With a sophisticated, avant-garde, edgy and a refined creative approach, Morris delievers a true luxury experience to her clients, always keeping in mind that every detail is of utmost importance. Backed and supported by a team of more than 25 artists and craftsmen, she believes in challenging the boundaries of traditional design firms.

The interior designer and her studio work closely with artisans to give body to their clients’ visions and desries, capturing both the essence and elegance of modern and luxury furniture pieces, adapting them into the narrative of space and creating contemporary interior design. The design firm creates places to be not only admired, but lived and enjoyed!

In each modern interior design project, Morris evolves, providing a new sense of exuberance, elegance, and creativity. This is very much part of the designer’s trademark, as she creates interiors that are an ode to luxury. Morris easily achieves classic and at times maximalist designs, mixing unexpected elements and coming up with harmonious combinations. The spaces she creates are the embodiment of luxury living and incredible design inspirations! Interior design which can withstand time the passage of time…



Soleil Dining Chair is a synthesis of styles and senses. Inspired by the spirit and mission of the famous Cirque du Soleil, the purpose is to invoke, provoke and evoke.



Imperfectio Sofa, by Boca do Lobo, is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life. Imperfectio Sofa praises artisanal work as the ultimate form of art that is quite intentionally imperfect. Through its unique existence and shapes, Imperfectio Sofa determines its own history.



Lumiere Console is a sculptural set composed of a large wall mirror, lamp and console lies in one arched frame made of wood folded by polished stainless steel that portrays a perfect mirror.




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