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Rosenbaum® is a design and innovation office, able to generate value from original ideas. The synthesis of thought Rosenbaum® work is the concept of LIVE expanded beyond the physical space and the object of aesthetic design.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-26The LIVE is interpreted under his cut of the CONNECTION values, CULTURAL IDENTITY, POPULAR CULTURE, MEMORY AND INCLUSION.


Marcelo Rosenbaum is Brazilian, born in 1968, in Santo André, Sao Paulo. Designer, has been operating for more than 20 years ahead of Rosenbaum® office. His work is mainly inspired values of Brazil. This year Marcelo full the fifth season as a creative frame of Home Sweet Home in the Cauldron of Huck program (Globo TV) and minister series of lectures for different professional markets.TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-25

Adriana Benguela, Benguela is Brazilian, architect, and together with Marcelo Rosenbaum builds the history of Rosenbaum® since 1997.

Background & Realizations: The projects

Higienópolis Apartment

For a young couple. As a working scenario the incredible Modernist building designed by Rino Levi and Marcelo Rosenbaum, joining the hunger with the desire to eat, create large, multi-purpose environments, taking advantage of the free standing right, and use the pillars that remained using them as stop doors office and support to the kitchen counter.


The most iconic project

Brasil Building 

The Sao Paulo Historical Center is an important cultural center of the city, with theaters, museums, restaurants and cinemas. In recent years, the face of this region, traditionally commercial, is beginning to change with the arrival of new residential developments.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-14In the first half of 2011, we were invited by WZarzur to sign the project design and front of his new venture in São Paulo Centre: Building Brazil. The project receives general direction of Marcelo Rosenbaum and co-authored by Guto Requena. This partnership comes a reflection the Brazil, identity and the impact of construction on the Old Town redevelopment process.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-10After analysis of the area, the services offered in the surroundings, the size and types of apartments set by the developer, the two creative studios have focused on the analysis of behavior of family groups who should inhabit the Brazil building.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-11New lifestyles and new uses of space – these were the principles that guided the revision of the original building program initially proposed by Wzarzur. The sports court, for example, was replaced with a seating area in the open air, with cinema, bungalows, landscaping and room and wi-fi network, suggesting an atmosphere of contemporary inn for the project.


Space for parties

“My lovely laundry” is the name space created to care for the clothes. Designed as a large area of living, it houses a lounge and vend machines, which must contain kits as snacks, treats and first aid.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-8TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-7TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-3TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-6TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-5Building coverage of the part will be a gazebo with privileged views of the historic center, resuming the culture of collective characteristic terraces of São Paulo of the 60s and 70s.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-20Rosenbaum® Requena and reshaped the entire architecture of the first two floors, which house the common areas of the condominium and the commercial sector, creating volumes that values the inclusion of building surrounding and plastically highlights the two entrances of the enterprise. A public entrance, facing the Martin Prado Street, which directs visitors to the restaurant and offices. The other entrance, located at Rua Santo Antonio is the residential entrance and leads residents to their apartments and the common areas.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-13The colorful facade was created from a degrade between green and blue, inspired by Brazilian nature as a great art feather. The huge colorful tower will have a major impact on the environment and will visually guide the residents to recognize that inhabit floor, creating an identity relationship from the color. The same color chosen by the future owner on the facade will be played in common their floor corridor and also in the mail box at the reception entrance.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-1The design prioritized the contemporary use of traditional Brazilian materials such as tile Sao Paulo,Cobogó,fulgê,granilite, burnt cement, exposed concrete and wood.

In synergy with the proposed project design, a work of art will also be installed on the facade of the building. It is more an assembly of the “vocabulary rethinking the city,” the artist Ceara Vitor Cesar. The panel brings a set of terms and expressions that refer to architecture and urbanism. Building in Brazil, the panel will function as a kind of word search.

TOP-Interior-Designers-Marcelo-Rosenbaum-9Will be 399 apartments, 29 floors, and Plants of 1 and 2 bedrooms, 34 square meters to 140 square meters. The units start at 280,000 reais The building is close to Avenida 9 July. For Marcelo, choosing the center could not be better: “The center is a region with many cultural and transport equipment. It is a space full of life that needs to be rediscovered. The Brazilians need to change the look there, “says the designer.Under the prospects of the studio apartment. The decorated apartment, open for tours in Brazil Stand the building, was also decorated by Rosenbaum® and Requena.


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