Interior Designer Pedro Peña’s house-4  Interior Designer Pedro Peña’s house Interior Designer Pedro Pen  a   s house 4

Interior Designer Pedro Peña’s house

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Lots of Marbella high standing residential areas has his signature, same as the most avant-garde Hotels in the European capitals and some of the most luxury houses in Costa del Sol and Sotogrande. For Pedro Peña, all of the have something in common: “Before making them real I asked myself how anyone can live better in that space”. The interior designer claims that’s the starting point of all his projects, the distribution of space to improve the habitability.

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It’s something noticeable once you enter his house, an attic of 500 square meters and two floors located in Los Monteros Playa, in front of the best beaches of Málaga. Clear spaces and environments visually pure are the hosts of the main living room, divided in two areas thanks to a desk: dinning room and living room with fireplace. The last one is the portrait of the decorator’s creative personality, to whom “art is essential, reveals the home personality and prints style to any project”.

In this case, Peña is talking about he spectacular Miró that rests on the fireplace enlightening with its grace an space ruled by contemporary pieces, most of them designed by the decorator. “Design is my passion, I enter this world through art and I keep practicing it with enthusiasm”, says while showing us some white center tables with printed details. Basic furniture in neutral colors and very special pieces are the success key to this environment, in which stand out two armchairs upholstered with a plaid print.

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Pedro describes a good design with this signs: functional distribution, rational elegance and unique pieces. The decorator assures that “ to achieve a good final result you must perfectly manage the project’s budget”. “Most of the cases I recommend to spend few in confortable and basic furniture and invest in perdurable and unique details that are going to differentiate each house”, he says.

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His home is full of “jewels” that exite: pieces from Francis Bacon, Barceló, Caruncho… and one of his son, Pedro Peña Gil, that preside over the second ambient of the room. The dinning room is dress with lime tones over neutral beige and grey base that allows playing with shapes. So, while the man piece is a renewed neoclassic style sofa, the other furniture enhances avant-garde with round shapes and pure lines, like armchair Lacoon, de Desiree.

Stands out the illumination, with author funny and dynamic pieces. Exterior light fills the environment, showing the impressive house terrace. Almost 200 square meters of visual enjoy distributed in living room, exterior dinning room, reading area and two solariums delightfully dressed to not subtract importance to the green and blue garden stamp and the sea’s immense blue.

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The combination of classic materials with newer ones, and the texture and stamp variety determine a sober result but with personality.

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The remaining of the floor is divided in kitchen, minimalistic and practical in pure white, the wide hall and the bedroom area: the main one and one for guests. Pedro and his wife’s bedroom, has contemporary style with a small touch of English colonial. Decorated in beige and sand tones, the details in leather and the furniture made by Pedro that defines his personality. He explains that he tried to find “the harmony and equilibrium” in that atmosphere, qualities pointed with the picture stamp on the bedhead.

The guest bedroom style is ‘navy deluxe’, with a broken white base and striped details, in addition to decorative objects like wooden ships. In the second floor, there’s to bedrooms in suite and an extra bathroom. Art pieces guide the corridor to both bedrooms, a double one in white and grey combined with yellow, and his daughter’s, more delicate, in blue and pink over the neutral base that he use to use in his creations. Functional, eclectic, and balanced, the interior designer’s house is a peaceful place that irradiates vitality and optimism.

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