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Hotel la Puebla: by Erico Navazo

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As its lovely owners say, cities hide magical places to be discovered. No doubt, Hotel Boutique la Puebla is one of those places to discover in Burgos if you are looking for a special accommodation.

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The hotel is placed in the city center, is a renovated building from 19th century with 19 rooms. The fact of being in an old building, mixed with the owners personality, are the main part of this hotel charm.

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With a modern decoration, the hotel owners, with the interior designer Erico Navazo tried to keep the taste of an old building, conserving architecture details to enhance it.

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The hall is small, is just a corridor accessing to old stairs, with the steps and handrail in wood to give access to the minimalistic reception and the common spaces and rooms.

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Each room has original and exclusive design, from the most avant-garde, to the most classical design in the loft rooms, caring about details and on top of this, the illumination, to offer their guest a warm and cozy environment.