Sessa Sister's Switzerland Italian Designers
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Sessa Sister’s : Switzerland Italian Designers

The granddaughter of an Architect and daughter of an Interior Designer, Tamara Sessa is part Italian and part English, having spent most of her life in Switzerland. Sessa Sister's Switzerland Italian Designers

After receiving her diploma in Interior Design from the prestigious Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Geneva, she continued her studies at the Pardon School of Specialist Decoration in London. In 1993, she opened Tamara’s Design in Rougemont (near Gstaad) in partnership with her mother. Tamara’s Design specializes in luxury and contemporary  chalet in Gstaad Valley, Verbier and Crans. Sessa Sister's Switzerland Italian Designers

They also decorate luxury villas and residential interiors along Lake Geneva. Tamara also spent five years working for the high-end department store Bon Génie Grieder, as a buyer for the Home departments of their various stores in Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich. Her activities included, also, setting up three in-store boutiques for the french designer Catherine Memmi. Tamara’s Design specializes in elegantly modern, but cozy nevertheless. Her team of highly skilled craftsmen, her eye for detail and her desire to execute design of the highest quality, all combine to create Interiors to an exemplary standard.Sessa Sister's Switzerland Italian Designers

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Federica Sessa is the daughter of the renowned Italian Architect Pippo Azzoni Landriani, who designed numerous villas and apartments in Italy and Brazil, during the 50’s and 60’s. Sessa Sister's Switzerland Italian Designers

Exposed to the world of Architecture and Interiors at an early age, she later graduated from the Centre d’Etudes Classiques of Geneva.Her first projects were collaborations with the talented decorator Gerard Bach in Geneva. Later, she worked for the Architect Jean Pajet in Geneva. In 1993, she and her daugher Tamara opened Tamara’s Design in Rougemont (near Gstaad).In the intervening years, she has decorated chalets, apartments and villas throughout Switzerland. One of her most demanding projects was to decorate and furnish a 100 metre yacht.She is relentless in her search for quality and an expert when it comes to integrating architecture and interiors. She is obsessed with detail whilst being traditional with a modern twist.

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