5 Interior Design Projects That Stood Out in 2018!
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5 Interior Design Projects That Stood Out in 2018!

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The world of Interior Design produced some amazing Design Projects in 2018 and, today, Best Interior Designers will highlight five Amazing Projects that were created by some of the most famous Design Groups and Interior Designers. Let’s take a look at them.


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5 Interior Design Projects That Stood Out in 2018!

Philippe Starck’s Design of Brach Hotel (Credits of the Image) – Philippe Starck is best known for his distinctive approach to design. The French designer, architect and creator have plenty of experience when it comes to designing interiors, having already creator some of the world’s best, including the Hudson Paramount in NYC and Le Meurice Hotel in France. Quite recently, Starck extended his hospitality resumé by designing the Brach Hotel, which opened this month Paris.


5 Interior Design Projects That Stood Out in 2018!

Emirates Hill Dubai Project by NIKKI B Interiors (Credits of the Image) – All elements of the world inspire the founder of Nikki B Signature Interiors, and she always has a pen and notebook close by, feeling and recording the artistry of her surroundings. The firm’s work is easily identified by their comprehensive, creative, and professional approach to their customers both in the East and around the world.


Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas

Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt’s Design of Château de Drudas (Credits of the Image)  – Located in the heart of the Haute-Garonne countryside, France, the historic Drudas villa presented a great challenge for  Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt: to preserve the authentic style of the castle and to integrate a touch of modernity at the same time. The project was successfully completed with respect for its heritage value.

5 Interior Design Projects That Stood Out in 2018!

Ryan Korban’s NoHo Condominium  (Credits of the Image) – Perhaps one of the youngest and most successful interior designers of our age, Ryan Korban excitingly works for a better tomorrow through a sleek and bold aesthetic. The New-York based designed has recently designed a NoHo Condominium at the 40 Bleecker area, that is best described as a “modern luxury residence for a new generation of connoisseurs.” 

Presenting an Amazing and High Luxury Design Showroom in New York

The Stunning NYC Penthouse by Covet Group (Credits of the Image) – This wonderful NYC Penthouse Apartment known as Covet NYC is fully decorated with a curated selection of furniturelightingupholstery and accessories from the best European luxury brands, namely Boca do Lobo, DelightfullBrabbuKoketMaison ValentinaCircu, LuxxuEssential HomeRug’Society, Pullcast and Foogo.

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