Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas
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Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt’s Renovation of the Château de Drudas

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Today, Best Interior Designers will explore the stunning renovation produced by architect Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt of the historical Château de Drudas, a magnificent house from the 18th century listed as a historical monument.


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Located in the heart of the Haute-Garonne countryside, France, the historic villa presented a great challenge for the interior design studio: to preserve the authentic style of the castle and to integrate a touch of modernity at the same time. The project was successfully completed with respect for its heritage value. Château de Drudas opens its doors for an exceptional stay, where luxury and comfort merge in a special atmosphere.

Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas

Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas


As we pass the entrance in neutral pastel colors, our eyes are caught by the original locks and moldings from three centuries ago. In the hall, a beautiful beige Hermès sofa from the Portuguese brand BRABBU completes the interior design with its modern presence and truly embodies the Hotel’s atmosphere. On the left of the Hall, we find a terrific restaurant – le Verdurier – located on the ancient ballroom of the castle and managed by the prestigious starred chef Eric Sampietro. A splendid chandelier and beautiful decorative wall lights brighten the restaurant with a glamorous but romantic light.

Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas

It is possible to have a relaxing moment and take a peaceful break at one of the Salons. The first one is the Salon du Potager – a calm and friendly space that sets the visitor’s mind free while offering a comfortable stay. A rotisserie and a bread wood oven give all its charm to this place.

Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas

The second one – the Salon Résseguier – shows off a more professional side but with the same peace and comfort. The tomettes on the floor are the original ones and a beautiful chandelier imposes itself on the middle of the room. The hotel pleases the visitors’ eyes with large prestigious stairs that manifest an authentic renaissance experience while guiding them to the rooms.

Pierre-Henri Bouchacourt's Renovation of the Château de Drudas

There are 23 bedrooms, including six duplex suites decorated in an unmistakeably 18th-century style with a few modern touches. They offer all the modern comforts and benefits from a high-quality renovation in line with the demanding criteria required for Historic Monuments.

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