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10 Instagrammable Interior Designs

We gathered the top 10 instagrammable interior designs to inspire you while redecorating your home. These are only some of the most desirable interiors of BRABBU designs that went viral on Instagram. Are you ready to browse these insta-worthy pictures?

10 Instagrammable Interior Designs

The owner of this property desired an office with a library: a space to go all over the globe without leaving home. And, before entering the office, there is the magnificent BRYCE Console in green tones and the VELLUM XL Wall Light.

Mount Iraya is an active volcano in the Philippines, where geological forces combined with mighty sea and time waves form a distinctive coastline of enormous smooth rocks on the neighbouring beach. Its forms inspired the curving silhouette of the IRAYA headboard, which is entirely upholstered in velvet and will add an organic aspect to any bedroom set!

This bedroom layout features our PLUM Sigle SofaMECCA Side Table, and AMIK Table Light. Together, these three features created the ideal bedroom.

A contemporary living area featuring the OKA Armchair, the AURUM Wall Light, and the LALLAN Center Table. Our designers created the OKA Bold Edition Armchair after being inspired by the intriguing talks of the Bakaya people, whose word for “listen” is oka. This cotton velvet upholstered chair dazzles in its simplicity and would sit nicely in a living room set.

This modern wide open living area is an oasis to unwind alone or with the pleasant companionship of friends and family.

Designing a dining area with our APIS dining tableOKA and DALYAN Dining Chairs, and a KOBEN Suspension Light: these form the ideal dining room.

Nanook is the bear master, the one who determines the fortunes of Arctic hunters. The NANOOK Armchair combines the beauty and grandeur of this animal. The gold nailhead trim and button details on the inner back give this accent chair a powerful presence that is matched by its elegance – and in this coffee corner, it is for sure the centre of attention.

The welcoming place for the owner’s heart chambers, her home. This combo is fantastic – it has style, elegance and high-end design.

The Roman Colosseum, often known as the Coliseum, is one of the world’s new Seven Wonders. COLOSSEUM Console Table was inspired by its commanding presence. This trendy console table, made of red lacquer with transparent black and gloss varnish, will help you introduce the most enduring emblem of Italy to any home décor, excellent for your hallway!

Is there a more exquisite living room armchair than the ESSEX? Hardly. This living room has such an elegant and sophisticated feel, and for sure that the ESSEX Armchairs are responsible for that.



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