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Discover Stunning Luxury Projects By Miguel Muñoz Estudio

Miguel Muñoz is a top interior designer from Spain that relishes in creating stunning luxury interior design projects and designing beautiful furniture pieces that change the way we see design. Keep reading to discover more about Miguel Muñoz Estudio and their luxury touch in design!

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With a diploma in interior architecture from the prestigious IADE Teaching Institute, Miguel Muñoz began to feel attracted to the world of interior design and decoration from a very young age. He usually goes for a sober, elegant and timeless decor style with a perfect balance between the classic and the modern.

«My main objective is to design new spaces satisfying the needs and tastes of each client. It is important to create a “home” without having to give up design, through elegant and timeless but unique spaces».

With sober color palettes, Miguel Muñoz always finds a way to provide a pop of color and personality and inject it into any design project. Sticking to the client’s wishes but also making sure to stay on brand with Miguel Muñoz Estudio’s design style is hard to balance but he does it perfectly!

«If there is something that we are passionate about, it is the spaces that when you enter, you notice a tingling like when you fall in love».



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