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Incredible Piet Boon Design: A Brilliant Work in a Portuguese South Coast Villa

Hello, Best Interior Designers readers! How are you all doing today? Our article today focuses on a Piet Boon project in a coastal villa, in the South of Portugal. We’ll add a small description of the project and some pictures so you can see the final result. Hope you enjoy it!

The owners of this beautiful holiday villa in the south of Portugal lead busy lives. With this in mind, Piet Boon ensured the color palette was subdued, thereby creating a calming, relaxing mood. The lady of the house has a penchant for luxury, stylish fabrics, the warmth of special objects, and details. This is reflected throughout the home, which is infused with a distinctly feminine touch. They further created a serene atmosphere by choosing tone-on-tone grouping for the sand-colored accessories and textiles, such as fine linen.



They emphasized the summer feeling by opting for transparent curtains that gently ripple when the wind blows. As this is a holiday home, the experience is different to a primary residence: you spend more time outdoors yet expect the same comfort as inside. This is why Piet Boon created an abundance of places to rest, sunbath and eat – including an outdoor spot with an open fireplace. The interior and exterior are perfectly in balance, thanks to the use of local natural stone for both.


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