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An Incredible Italian Design Studio | DRA&U

An Incredible Italian Design Studio | DRA&U

An Incredible Italian Design Studio is here ! DRA&U started in 2009 as a local Italian architecture studio, today counting with operational offices in Rome and London. Throughout the years DRA&U has designed prestigious figures and volumes in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the Americas. Here are some of their projects.

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Eco-Smart Village Da Vinci Labion

Located along the shoreline of Labion Lake, 20 kilometers from the Abidjan city center, the Eco-Smart Village Da Vinci Labion involves the construction of 1000 apartments and 300 villas, which are targeted to an audience of medium-high income. The area will act as an attraction pole for those who enjoy a wealthy and comfortable lifestyle next to the sea all year round.

The development program includes the creation of several facilities: a sports and recreational center, 24-hour medical facility, hotel and conference center, school, cultural space, playgrounds, supermarket, and co-working spaces. Additional services such as connection to the city and event planning services are provided to the residents. The organic design of the street network and the provision of large green spaces ensure the integration into the landscape while respecting the natural values of the area. The key features of the project are the waterfront promenade and the squares, which invite the residents to use the public space and encourage social interaction.

Mirage – The Landmark Dubai Biodiverse Centre

The project for the Dubai Mirage Biodiversity Centre represents a journey in the naturalistic universe of our planet. A building that will have the aim to bring a unique sensorial experience, right inside the heart of Dubai, through an educational, playful, and cultural path, to discover the nature surrounding us.

Visitors will be able to immerse themselves to hear the stories narrated inside this marvelous nature temple; diving through the depths of an open naturalistic environment, while being able to enjoy dedicated spaces for didactic/labs, exhibitions, play areas, thematic events, restaurants, sky bar, and lounge areas.

291 Hotel

291 Hotel is a boutique hotel studied for the MStay group of Hotels of London, where two mockups were presented, greatly differentiated in style and color. The choice of having two styles is part of the marketing strategy to offer their clients two different but ideal environments.

The minimalist but functional design approach of DRA&U is driven by consumer feedback – with a big emphasis on the intelligent use of technology coming from both younger and business travelers in particular.



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