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Exquisite Interior Design Projects | SAG’80

Exquisite Interior Design Projects are here ! The spectacular story of SAG’80 began fifty years ago in Milan and since then it has never lost sight of its targets: the making of brilliant projects and the customer needs. The mission pursued since the early beginnings, both simple and full of challenges, focuses on designing and furnishing any kind of space with that touch of character which makes the difference. SAG’80 is a leading player which operates in the sectors of design and furnishing in Milan through its four showrooms and selling points positioned in the most strategic areas of the city; a network consisting of physical reality and people always ready to offer the best service for their clients’ needs.

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Luxury Home In Hong Kong

Sag 80 Group adds to their list of projects the design of a luxury home recently elaborated in China, in the city of Hong Kong. The elegance and the style of the Italian design are exported to the country of the rising sun, creating a new mix of styles and culture.

The spacious villa, composed of plenty of bedrooms, also includes two living rooms, two bathrooms, a wellness area, and its very own cinema.

A Fabolous Mansion In Los Angeles

The activities of SAG’80 Group communicate many fascinating stories, some of which have led them to show the client and talk about projects and places of undeniable charm, as in the case of this luxury house in Los Angeles. In the capital of Hollywood glamour where contrast reigns among beauty, crazy fervor, design and cinema, SAG’80 has realized something that perfectly embodies the American Dream.

From the balconies, there is the majesty of a breathtaking panoramic view over the hills, where sunsets and sunrises become an intense experience that exceeds imagination.

A Design Gem In Dallas

In this residence, classic design meets contemporary taste and the architectural structure serves as a treasure chest, ready to embrace all the precious furniture inside.

The living room and the areas dedicated to relaxation, from the couches to the bonfire, communicate an ideal domestic space, dedicated to sharing and well-being, which becomes a priority in this generous environment, conceived to give as much comfort as possible.



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