Greatest studios FKP Architects
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Greatest studios: FKP Architects

FKP is a national architectural and interior design firm that has specialized in healthcare and related facilities for more than 60 years. Prior to working with Pennebaker, the firm was what you’d call “Old School,” operating four divisions as separate entities and confining itself to traditional professional services marketing.

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FKP anticipated a lot more competition in the healthcare arena due to robust industry growth projections. The firm asked Pennebaker to help them rebrand and refocus their business strategy in order to better compete on a national scale.

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During our qualitative market research and Strategic Guardrails exercises, we uncovered a critical issue: FKP had been undervaluing their own expertise. Their understanding of healthcare processes, logistics, and operations had literally transformed their clients’ businesses and economics. This differentiator became the foundation of FKP’s new identity and everything that followed.

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Greatest studios FKP Architects

FKP Architects delivers more than architecture in the healthcare, research, and education market sectors. The firm engages its promise of Transforming business by design across all core services of architecture, interior design, equipment planning, and operational consulting. FKP clients include top-tier pediatric healthcare institutions, community and academic medical campuses, and life science and higher education institutions.

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There’s no missing the brightly colored, eight-level Bill Holmes tower at the Children’s Hospital in Orange County (CHOC). FKP was behind the design of the striking facility, and the studio aimed to create a building that expressed a “vibrant spirit, progressive vision and a world-class sense of place.” The sense of fun continues inside the facility, as each level has its own nature-based theme, beginning with “fossils” in the basement and ending with “space” on the top floor.