Best Interior Designer Olga Berkhman
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Best Interior Designer * Olga Berkhman


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After two years at the school of art of Rostov-on-Don, his hometown, Olga Berkhman part in Montreux, Switzerland, where she studied fine arts and design at the Institute Surval Mont-Fleuri.

Best Interior Designer Olga Berkhman

She moved to Paris in 1999 to study interior architecture and product design. In 2002, after graduating from the ESAM Design School, she works for interior design agencies the most famous Parisian (AXL Paris, Bismut & Bismut, Inter Art Etudes …) before creating his own structure 2009.

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Olga coordinates projects in France – where it has many Russian speakers including customers – and Russia. It has built a solid experience, whether to develop luxury apartments or private homes, performing offices and headquarters areas, renovate 4 and 5 * hotels or design luxury boutiques.Best Interior Designer Olga Berkhman

It creates varied universe in styles “classic” and “contemporary revisitednever minimalist, and always with Art Deco touches as the 1930s, 40 or even 50 are those that inspire the most.

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For the execution of its projects, Olga Berkhman agency appealed to companies and French artisans with whom, over the years it has established a relationship of trust and good intelligence. She knows how to have their perfectionism and reliability.

“I like to combine styles to imagine truly unique scenery, designed to match as closely as possible to the temperament and tastes of each client. I favor the noble materials and I am extremely attentive to the refinements and finishing details. Not to mention the comfort … “Best Interior Designer Olga Berkhman

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