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Best Interior Designers * Hampstead Design Hub

Hampstead design hub is an interior design studio hosting a unique team of creative designers and experienced professionals. The Hub provides a complete, bespoke service covering each and every aspect of your project – from elementary consultation to luxury design concepts and its implementations.

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A hub is the central part of the wheel from which spokes radiate. It is a central point of interest and an important centre or focus of activity.

The Hampstead Design Hub is more than a social scene or an office. It is a community of like-minded individuals and companies achieving their business goals in a professional and fully-equipped setting with all the comforts of working from home.

The Hampstead Design Hub enables freelancers to get out of the house and out of a routine, to get fresh air and fresh perspectives, to meet new people and new targets.

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WHAT is the Hub?

The Hampstead Design Hub is an exciting new co-working space in North West London designed by creatives for creatives. The Hampstead Design Hub was conceived by creative professionals who have been through the challenges of building their freelance business and reputation while working from home. The goal is simple: independent professionals, small businesses and start-ups to successfully grow their business by having access to a thriving working environment.

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WHO is it for?

The Hampstead Design Hub is open to anyone whose business is to create, whether you create houses or websites, books or clothes, or simply fabulous ideas. It is for motivated professionals who are seeking a lively, affordable and comfortable setting in which to build, promote and develop their business alongside like-minded experts. This unique co-working space is for anyone wishing to make the best use of their valuable time and energy on their highest priority – work – by meeting other like-minded people, having access to a meeting space and by being supported by a community of other creatives.

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WHY use it?

The freelance creative often doesn’t function too well in a vacuum: ideas and inspiration are as much the result of exchanging ideas in a thriving environment as they are the product of long contemplation.

The Hampstead Design Hub aims to provide a workspace like no other, where an inspirational environment forms long-term, sustainable connections and unique opportunities. After all, the strongest connections and most memorable experiences are made by meeting people face-to-face.

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