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Ink + Oro Creatives | Exclusive Interview

Ink + Oro Creatives is recognized for its bold designs and brazen attitude. I+O’s path has taken them through a variety of design genres, from residential and commercial interior design to curated furniture, art, and accessory collections. Ink & Oro is reinventing the appearance, feel, and meaning of boutique design with a design concept that combines comfort with luxury, spontaneity with refinement, and integrates local culture with global inspiration. Best Interior Designers had the opportunity to interview Ink + Oro Creatives to get to know more about their projects and future in the interior design industry.


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Ink + Oro Creatives


Ink + Oro Creatives




What do you love the most about your work? 

The ever-changing focus and style of design based on the different typologies that we cover allows for constant creativity and evolution of ourselves as designers. 


Ink + Oro Creatives




What was the most challenging time in your career, and how did you overcome it? 

Growing a business through an economic crisis and building a strong leadership team.


Ink + Oro Creatives


Have you achieved everything you want in life? 

We are happy with the state of the firm and couldn’t imagine the size and quality of design being produced and “everything” is a certain frame and mind at any time and place.



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What dreams are you still lingering on to?

Expansion into West Coast.


Ink + Oro Creatives


What makes you feel fulfilled professionally? 

Quality culture and happy clients.


Ink + Oro Creatives






Are you working on anything new at the moment? What’s the inspiration behind what you working on at the moment? 

We have 30+ new projects in the making, all with their own level of inspiration.  Interestingly enough a new sector for us has been entering the office design market which requires a different degree of thoughtfulness and forward-thinking. 


Ink + Oro Creatives


What would you say is the trend at the moment in the design world – creatively speaking? 

Creating opportunities for Authentic collisions within the workplace and multi-family environments especially and the idea of using natural materials has been a trend but people have found ways to develop new products to better incorporate these materials.


Ink + Oro Creatives




How would you describe your client type? What do they do, what do they like, what projects are they involved in?

Our clients are anyone that likes to think outside the box and approaches their projects in a progressive manner.  Our client’s value relationships and quality over getting things done quickly and with mediocre execution. 


Ink + Oro Creatives


Any interesting collaborations in the future?

Nothing specific but we would love to collaborate on furniture, lighting, or textile line. 


Ink + Oro Creatives


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When it comes to craftsmanship, who do you think is leading the way? 

We think the people that have the best level of craftsmanship are more of our custom vendors who are able to curate goods on an individual item quantity vs mass production. We also see them involved in the design strategy for developing the piece. 


Ink + Oro Creatives


What do you think will be the focus in the design world in the future? Any particular changes that you would like to see happening? 

We would like to see less waste and more reuse of existing furniture – vintage is making a bigger comeback than ever.


Ink + Oro Creatives


Ink + Oro Creatives


Ink + Oro Creatives



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