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Donna Mondi Interior Design | From Chicago To The World

Donna Mondi Interior Design, one of Chicago’s “Top 20 Interior Designers” and one of the world’s “Top 100 Designers,” is a high-end interior design studio in the city’s burgeoning West Town district. today we’ll explore some of their projects.

Donna Mondi: The Vision

The team of Donna Mondi focuses on making true relationships and constructing homes with a soul. Donna Mondi, the firm’s founder and president, started the company out of a passion for design and a desire to provide a unique, deliberately individualized customer experience.

Donna Mondi Interior Design

Donna Mondi Interior Design is still devoted to producing interiors that capture the spirit of the architecture while also incorporating the greatest levels of creativity to represent the client’s personality.

Donna Mondi: Projects

1- Transitional Renovation In Lake View

Built in the early 1900s and located in the middle of Lake View, this family home had solid bones but lacked individuality following a prior makeover. The clients of Donna Mondi wanted to enhance the “builder finishes” to represent their personalities and design tastes better. Without intrusive and unnecessary renovations, this property was transformed by creative space organization, some well-placed architectural alterations, and lovely furniture.

2- Modern Penthouse

This two-story luxury penthouse in Chicago’s Gold Coast was a fusion of two different styles: the client’s love of vintage rock and roll, and his wife’s softer, more feminine aesthetic. The wide, open areas and floor-to-ceiling windows gave amazing city vistas and the perfect chance to generate drama in materiality.

3- No.9 Walton Modern Sophistication

A stylish mother and her two adorable girls desired a stylish house that was both luxurious and comfortable. The design’s foundation was black and white. Donna Mondi is happy to present this house, which features rich textures, fascinating patterns, dynamic lighting, and a few surprises. Mondi’s design, which is housed in the coveted No9 Walton luxury high rise on the Gold Coast, plays off the building’s European classicism, but with a twist.




Imperfectio Sofa, by Boca do Lobo, is the expression of imperfect aesthetic, the appeal of that which is authentic art that is truer to life. Imperfectio Sofa praises artisanal work as the ultimate form of art that is quite intentionally imperfect. Through its unique existence and shapes, Imperfectio Sofa determines its own history. The irregularities and flaws over the manual hammered brass expose the beauty of imperfection. Some parts are roughly asymmetrical at the surface yet comfortable and smooth in a peculiar way to excite a desire for complementing your living room.



Maya Armchair, by Brabbu, has legs in matte-aged brass, this velvet accent chair has the sensual and delicate forms of the goddess, making it the perfect seating solution for an elegant living room set. The Mayan civilization had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. It is inspired by the Maya civilization which had maize as one of the primary elements of their culture. Personified as a woman, Maya’s Maize God was the inspiration behind it.




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