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Discover The New Luxury Edition of CovetED Magazine

As you know, Best Interior Designers are partners with the amazing luxury edition of CovetED Magazine! So we have the pleasure of introducing the latest edition of  CovetED that’s focused on Inspiration!. Through the 126 pages of this 17th Edition, you will find more than 300 inspirations and ideas to nurture your creative mind! Let us present this amazing magazine!






Design is everywhere. From year to year, the trends keep changing in light velocity. If there is one way to describe the interior design trends we will see more of in 2020, it’s anything goes. To make you be able to keep up with all of them we bring you the latest news and trends in the interior design world.




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


In the context of more careful, conscient and sustainable design, Kartell has created a set of furniture collections, in order to raise awareness of the environment and the concern for the planet Earth. Kartell Loves The Planet is the name of this collection that represents the ongoing conversation about the world and the environment.


lapiaz center table




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


Japanese studio Nendo has released a new version of its environmentally friendly SU stool for Emeco, adding an interchangeable cork seat to the design. The material is lightweight, resilient and can be harvested every ten years without causing lasting damage to the trees. As with previous versions of the SU stool, the seat has a contoured surface and is supported by four anodised aluminium legs. Emeco describes the cork seat as “tactile with a feeling of warmth”.


COVET NYC by RDD and Showrooms We Covet


CovetED Magazine


Covet NYC is a new staging project by RDD Architecture, embellished with the most bespoke and luxury pieces you’ll ever have the privilege to see. Behind the concept of this staging project, is the design of the amazing Roberto Rincon, a top NYC-based interior designer that took this challenge, creating excellence and sophistication. A luxurious, modern and sophisticated home. A home that inspires with the outstanding composition of pieces, colours, materials, styles, shapes, and patterns. And that is precisely what distinguishes Roberto from other professionals: the subtle, yet perfect. Your home is a reflection of your life and your personality. And, as a true design lover, we know you are always looking to be inspired. For that, CovetED brings you some of the greatest showrooms at the moment, so that you can admire the best in the interior design world.




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


Increasing awareness of environmental catastrophe and the urgency to prevent it is inspiring designers to rethink the lifecycle of products. More and more people are awakening to the benefits of eco-conscious home decor, and the rise in popularity of green furnishings is interior design pushing frontiers forward at full speed.






CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


Plants are certainly not a new interior design trend, but they are becoming more of a feature than ever before, as people realize the health benefits they offer. With a diminished connection to nature, the increasing pressure on urban space and the technological presence we have less opportunity to recuperate our mental and physical energy. Biophilia Design Trend is all about the hidden secrets that surround the essence of life, just like if your ambiences were alive and breathing. Businesses at the vanguard of workplace design such as Apple, Google and Amazon are investing heavily in Biophilic Design elements.




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


Sustainability initiatives are becoming extremely popular these days. Designers and homeowners alike have been embracing the eco-friendly trend by using natural materials in their projects and home decor. Natural Materials are inherently more eco-friendly than their artificial counterparts, it’s good for the environment, and your family, as well. They give an instant feeling of luxury and style to any space, as well as the highly versatile list of their benefits. It’s no wonder why natural materials are a trend that is here to revolutionize the interior design world.




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


Colours have an important role in interior design, they can completely transform a room. With the right colour, you can set the tone of the room, the mood, and the general ambience. Each year, major paint companies such as Pantone announce their colour of the year and interior designers adopt these colours to build beautiful kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces. Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2020 is Classic Blue, so this would be definitely the colour that will revolutionize interior design in 2020. But you can also expect to see interiors with amazing colours such as Mellow Yellow, Cassis Color and Green Forest.




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations


Brands are aware that consumers are increasingly valuing experiences rather than objects and changing their spending habits accordingly. To gain customers’ attention back into stores, they’re adapting to offer 360-degree shoppable brand experiences. Believing a relaxed customer is more likely to make a purchase, retailers are on a continual quest to make customers feel at home in their stores. Brands want customers to discover a different way of shopping, aiming to create an environment that is as close as possible to their homes. We hope to see this design trend at Salone Del Mobile 2020.




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Marcel Wanders

Every year interior design brands show the brand new products and projects in April. This year will be no different, you can still get to know all their new pieces and inspirations. CovetED prepared a special article with some of the best new products (and surprises) these brands have prepared for you. CovetED is always looking for the best interior design projects in the world. Therefore, we select the best of the best. In this issue, you can find two projects around the world, from Russia to the US. We hope you feel inspired, and that you enjoy these projects as much as we do. Different in style, but equal in luxury.




CovetED 17, A World Of Inspirations

Moodboard by Trendbook


A strong and undeniable link between runway fashion and interior design has always existed but in recent years the two have fused to a point where the one has a significant influence over the other. Fashion is not just about the clothes we wear or the outfits we put together, it dominates much of our day to day lives from the homes we live into the offices we work in and the cars we drive: Everything is governed by fashion trends.




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