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Check out Some of the Highlights from IMM Cologne 2019

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IMM Cologne 2019 is already over, yet we already miss this event. This year this event (along with LivingKitchen) have achieved a greater international reach in comparison to previous editions. Considering this good news we bring you today some of the highlights of this year’s IMM Cologne.



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Cattalan Italia

Check out some of the highlights from IMM Cologne 2019

The protagonists of Cattalan Italia’s stands were furnishings such as Planer Wood C with Brushed Bronze finish and the beautiful round tables Skorpio and Soho Ker-Wood. Of course, leather chairs were also in the spotlight, specifically Belinda, Kelly, Wanda and Kay

Couture.Check out some of the highlights from IMM Cologne 2019


Check out some of the highlights from IMM Cologne 2019

Check out some of the highlights from IMM Cologne 2019

Once again Flexform showed that it still retains the values commonly associated with the brand: the restrained elegance, its coherent design style, as well as the timeless beauty of its products, combined with the unparalleled comfort.

Check out some of the highlights from IMM Cologne 2019Check out some of the highlights from IMM Cologne 2019



Delightfull took a great risk by reinterpreting mid-century lighting design. Inspired by the art from the art from the 40s to 70s, the brand created fresh classic lamps with the progress of colors and materials of modern décor. Truly a lighting marvel to look at.




Gyform unveiled a series of wonderful indoor and outdoor collections at their stand in IMM Cologne. Their stand had an exotic touch to it with a mix of white and green and gold and orange, as we can see from the images.

Essential Home

We’ve spoken previously of Delightfull, however, Essential Home also made a presence in the same stand as the lighting brand. These two brands have teamed up this year to show and promote the best of mid-century luxury furniture at the event. And judging by the images we’d say they succeeded.

Poltrona Frau

“The Home Collection Evolution” was the name of Poltrona Frau’s latest collection. The stand of this brand was filled with circular shaped furniture and tables as well as earth tones in many of the furnishings.


Zanotta gave an eye-catching touch to their stand with their personalized wallpapers next to their furnishings. Their couches, tables, and chairs were all placed by walls personalized with typewriters, vinyl records, and fronts of cars.


Reflex sure showed how lighting, when well applied, can create astonishing effects. Both the lighting pieces and the mirrors and other pieces of furniture created a visual marvel for curious guests.

Scholle Debuzer

Speaking of lighting effects, Scholle Debuzer had the same idea as Reflex. However, in some parts, the highlight went to the lighting piece itself, while on others the colors reflected by the light definitely made the scene.


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