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Maison et Objet: The Best Limited Edition Brands

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Every year Maison et Objet host numerous luxury brands that present their newest furniture pieces and design ideas. Today, Best Interior Designers is going to show you the best luxury brands at the event right now



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Maison Et Objet: Top Luxury Brands

This Portuguese luxury brand had the irreverent idea of introducing the “This is not a Gallery Concept”. In their stand they had two workshop cases put there a homage to skilled artisans and enhance the wonders of craftsmanship as well as to the ancient traditional techniques.


Covet House presented their stand with two concepts in mind the Housing Concept (one space for people to look at pieces from its brands), and the Lounge Concept (in order to have closer contact with the visitors, clients, and press).

Maison Et Objet: Top Luxury Brands


Vista Alegre is another good example of a luxury Portuguese brand with a lot of novelties for Maison et Objet. Among their collections seen at the event are the stunning ‘Única’ collection, the ‘Herbariae’ collection in cooperation with Christian Lacroix Maison, the ‘Amzōnia’ collection and a highlight to the striking cabinet ‘Once Upon a Time…’ done in collaboration with Boca do Lobo.



This luxury brand has brought the best of vintage from the 30s and 50s of Paris to the event. In a celebration of mid-century design, Essential Home gave it a more contemporary twist by creating an elegant scenery at its stand.


Lladro was definitely a memorable stand at this year’s event. The stand was conceived by Pierre Favresse (Lladró’s current creative director) who proceeded to give a special highlight on the brand’s latest creations in artistic porcelain. It’s divided in three rooms: the Heritage Room, the Design Room, and the Light&Scent Room.


Maison Valentina had its surprised reserved for both Maison et Objet and IMM Cologne. Not only did they show some of their new bathroom furniture products, but they also presented some new partnerships with other brands such as Couto, Made in Youthland, Sanindusa, Pombo, among others.


Maison Et Objet: Top Luxury Brands

Rug Society was another daring brand that created a pinch of mystery and an enigmatic approach to its stand. Also there we new luxurious pieces of tapestry presented at this alternative interpretation of a mainstream stand.


Bessa is a luxury brand known for recovering techniques of craft production applied to unique pieces and does a new design reinterpretation helping to bring back the charm of the piece it’s based on. This is one of the best luxury brands for you if you’re looking for a new charm given to vintage.


Luxxu was another brand that created a whole luxurious universe at their stand while introducing 10 new products to their collection. The best of luxury lighting and furniture is indeed at that stand!


Pullcast was definitely a brand which gave a very special touch to its stand by showcasing
live the crafts techniques used in their creation process. This goes to show the detail and quality craftsmanship put into jewelry hardware.


SV Casa definitely came to Maison et Objet to show off its many collections in several categories. This is a brand which is home to several elegant interior design accessories inspired by exotic travel.


This year Circu decided to highlight their novelties of the Cloud Collection, composed by elements such as one bed, one bedside table, one chest of drawers, and even a Vanity Console. This was a dream stand to see both for parents and for children.


This Italian luxury brand succeeds to successfully reinvent porcelain. In their collections, we can see some of the most amazing home accessories made from the best craftsmanship.


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