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Celia Sawyer: Exclusive Interview

Celia Sawyer

Starting off with her own small project 25 years ago, Celia Sawyer then went on to design residential properties in London. Celia Sawyer Interior Architecture and Design, is now in its 20th year, designing luxury homes, superyachts, aviation, commercial properties, and projects in the leisure industry all around the globe.

Today, Best Interior Designers had the opportunity to interview this amazing Top Interior Designer from London and we will share everything with you!

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How did you get involved in the interior design industry?

I started when I bought my first apartment and re-designed it completely. I then showed others who wanted me to design theirs and that is where it all started.

How would you describe your work style? Do you have any kind of signatures that help to identify your projects?

My style is very glamorous, chic, and classically contemporary. My signature style is really about lots of accessories and layering my sofas!

Hollywood House Project Living Room By Celia Sawyer

Being in love with our work is always the key to achieving better results. are you in love with this job? What do you love most about being an interior designer?

I love it, yes, and I love seeing my clients happy once they have seen what I have created for them, especially if I have been given free rein.

What is your philosophy on design and life?

Do something you love and you will always be happy!

Covet House Boca do Lobo Brabbu Luxxu Essential Home Delightfull Caffe Latte Covet Lighting Rug Society Maison Valentina Circu Pullcast Covet Collection Homesociety Mid-century Club



Keeping up to date on all the trends is essential for anyone who wants to conquer this market. In what ways do you keep current with new trends?

I look at fashion. Fashion tells us all about interior colors, mixes, and prints, and so I use this as my tool to keep up with what’s next.

Hollywood House Project Details By Celia Sawyer

Which major international events do you attend/follow to get the latest novelties?

Decor and Salone De Mobile are 2 of my favorite, although, with only limited numbers of suppliers attending at the moment it has been a little disappointing, of course, it is down to our current pandemic sadly.

Hollywood House Project Eclectic Living Room By Celia Sawyer


Eden Platina Center Table by Boca do Lobo

Wood Center Table By Boca Do Lobo

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How would you describe your personal decorating style?

Cool, stylish, functional, and glamourous.

All artists need some inspiration to work, and interior designers are artists too. so, what or who really inspires you?

Nature is my inspiration, down to the way the wind blows the grass, reminding me of a beautiful silk rug, or the way the light catches the branches of the tree inspires me in my lighting designs.

Hollywood House Project By Celia Saywer Living Room Close-up

Inspiration is something that pushes everyone to create unique things. What makes you see the world in a different way?

I like the way in which I will rise to a challenge, so for instance just because I had not designed an aircraft when my client asked me to, I said yes, as nothing phases me and I can put a different spin on it as opposed to a designer who only designs aircraft.


How important is a perfect chemistry between you and your clients to achieve the best results?

It is really important as you need to get into the client’s mind and understand what they love and need, but it doesn’t always happen!

Hollywood House Project By Celia Sawyer Dining Room

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Choosing the best pieces to compose a project can be the secret to getting the best overall result. Although it seems easy, this is a delicate task and needs full attention on time to execute. Do you have some tips for those who do not know well how to start a challenge like this?

Start by planning out your spaces, this way you will know where your electricals and plumbing need to go, and then look at the styles you like. There are lots of options so take your time. Do not overdo the expensive large pieces or they will lose impact.

Hollywood House Project By Celia Sawyer Armchairs


Essex Armchair by Brabbu

Essex Cream Armchair By Boca Do Lobo

Do you think working with teams in interior design is better or worse than working alone? Why?

It works both ways. Sometimes it is necessary when there is a very large project such as a hotel. It is important to listen to each other and respect opinions in a team otherwise if you end up trying to run the show, you could end up ruining it!

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Is there anything exciting that you are working on at the moment that you can tell us about?

Yes, a house in Hollywood, and it is exciting as I have not worked that much in Los Angeles so it might open a few doors for my design work out there.

Hollywood House Project By Celia Sawyer Beautiful Details

What has been your greatest accomplishment as a designer? What goals do you have for the future?

Evolving in design, growing, and being brave to try new things. The future is exciting and although I work worldwide, I still want to travel more for design work and inspiration!

Hollywood House Project By Celia Sawyer Feature Grand Piano


Hera Suspension Lamp by Boca do Lobo

Exquisite Suspension Lamo By Boca Do Lobo

Did you enjoy this exclusive interview with Celia Sawyer?



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