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Caesar Kitchen Studio | All You Need To Create Your Dream Kitchen

For all the time of Caesar Kitchen Studio‘s work, they have managed to win not only an impeccable reputation but also the trust and respect of customers, arousing the interest of buyers with a large selection and constant novelties of the assortment. They always strive to find and bring you all the most interesting, beautiful, original, and unique that the world of Italian furniture fashion offers. All you need to create your dream kitchen is here!

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The founder of the salon, Dmitry Nastasiuk, began his activity in 1993 from work in one of the 1st companies in Ukraine selling Italian furniture Sun-Group. The market after the collapse of the Union developed, the company had practically no competitors, and there were many customers. Therefore, he had to work 12 hours a day, learn on the go, and perform the functions of several employees at once. The concepts of “turnkey kitchen”, “veneer kitchen” or “loft” did not exist then. Dmitry worked in all key positions in the company: he was engaged in sales, ordering, inventory control, fault detection of furniture, and advertising. In this way, he managed to gain in-depth knowledge of the difficulties and mechanisms of managing a furniture company.

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Later, while working at the Kashtan Trading House, Dmitry focused on the design and sale of kitchen furniture, and also thoroughly studied the household appliances market, since well-chosen appliances are an integral part of a modern kitchen. At the same time, his ability to hear and understand the client, and to advise at the repair stage, was honed, his own style of work was formed and there was a feeling that he need to think about creating his own salon. The “publication” of the new salon with the ambitious name Caesar took place in 2015. The salon immediately took an advantageous position among competitors, choosing as its direction an expert approach to creating a unique, comfortable and modern kitchen for people who value their comfort and want to live in step with the times.

Clients are different, and they are all cool in their own way, with their moods, characters, fears, ideas and architects or designers, for whom cuisine and price are important, and for whom exclusive cuisine is important, and it is important to order a kitchen from a photo. It can be exciting and interesting not only to create a kitchen composition that would suit the parameters of the room and look spectacular but also to satisfy all your wishes. As a result, when customers come to Caesar’s salon for a fashionable kitchen, they receive excellent offers on tables and chairs from Misura Emme. All these discussions take place in a cozy round table kitchen salon (Misura Emme), where customers and their architects share their preferences.




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