Marbel Island Kitchen Design
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Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Remodel Inspirations

Modern Kitchen

Like any other part of the house, it’s essential to maintain kitchens neatly impeccable, and highly presentable, but if a full kitchen renovation isn’t on your calendar for the near future, the next best thing is to find simple ways to refresh your cooking space.

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Are you planning kitchen redecoration and looking for some inspiration? We have gathered 10 beautiful and exceptional kitchen designs from the best interior designers in the world. Take a look and maybe you will find a perfect solution for your own modern kitchen!

Modern White Kitchen Cabinets With Gold Handles

Elegant and luxurious kitchen decor with gold details and the most beautiful handles. Storage is a very important factor when we are building our kitchen. A modern kitchen needs not only a lot of space but also an elegant design that makes it unique and functional. And Skyline is the iconic door pull your kitchen is missing.

Dark Blue Kitchen With Gold Accents

Picture this: a private cocktail bar with your family and friends, sitting on those luxurious Kelly bar chairs, while being enlightened by Matheny pendant lamps. Our Kelly Bar Chair is absolutely a dream! We can’t get over how beautiful this piece complements any room. Fully customizable, this is the centerpiece of this kitchen, standing out with its undeniable elegance.

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Modern Kitchen By Ovadia Design

Ovadia Design Group is an award-winning architectural interior design company specializing in high-end residential and commercial designs. This modern kitchen design is part of the Upper East Side Flat Project in New York.

Drak Grey Kitchen Design With Gold Accents

The dining room is one of the spaces you definitely don’t want to miss next time you’re building an interior because it’s a place where everyone can congregate at the end of the day to share anecdotes and share a meal together. In an interior all in dark tones, cabinet door handles were chosen in gold, contrasting with the surrounding ambiance, adding a luxurious and elegant touch.

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Open Concept Modern Kitchen Design

The Saboteur Swivel Bar Chair is a lovely velvet bar chair that harkens back to the classic elegance of noir films. It’s perfect for modern kitchens, bars, bistros, and lounge areas. An open space with a great minimalistic design and the perfect use of neutral tones. A stunning place to live, don’t you think?

Open Concept Kitchen By Matteo Nunziati

Matteo Nunziati is considered one of the most influential international architects and designers of his generation. According to Matteo Nunziati, architecture and design bring beauty into everyday life. He believes there is such great interest in architecture and design because everyone needs to live not only in a functional but also authentically beautiful space.

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Marbel Island Kitchen Design

Whether you’re renovating your home or simply looking for some inspiration, here you have a beautiful design idea that will make your kitchen stand out! The Horus II suspension chandelier, by Brabbu, can be considered the statement piece of this kitchen. It gives a great touch of elegance!

Dark Modern Kicthen With Feature Bar ChairHaving a private cocktail party at home is now possible due to this incredible set of a kitchen island, bar chairs, and pendant lamps that will create a cozy and groovy ambiance. The velvet bar seats provide a touch of edginess and modernity to the space.

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Black and Wooden Kitchen By Ashe LeandroEstablished in 2008, ASHE LEANDRO is an architecture and interior design practice located in New York City. With a wide range of projects that expand across the globe, their multi-disciplinary practice carries a signature aesthetic synonymous with relaxed, contemporary luxury. Referencing art, design, and culture, the company manages to blend natural materials, textures, and patterns to create refined curated spaces. The result is contemporary designs with a timeless energy.

Mid-Century Modern Kitchen Design

A modern dark kitchen is always a good choice if you’re looking for a killer design. In this modern and elegant kitchen, the stunning ZULU Counter Stools and NAICCA Pendant Lights are displayed. This is ideal for creating a welcoming atmosphere.

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