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Best Interior Designers, North America

Best Interior Designers From United States | Rottet Studio

Best Interior Designers From United States are here! An multinational architecture and design firm called Rottet Studio has a sizable portfolio of corporate and hospitality projects for some of the biggest brands and businesses in the world. Lauren Rottet, FAIA, FIIDA, the company’s founder, has grown Rottet Studio over the past ten years into one of the best interior design firms in the country. Interior Design magazine consistently ranks Rottet Studio among the corporate and hospitality Top 100 Design Giants, and it was most recently named one of the Top 3 Most Admired Design Firms in the World.

The WBE-certified company offers more than 40 million square feet of built design as well as a wide range of projects and furniture creations that have won awards. The principals of the company have collaborated for up to 35 years and offer a wide range of services, such as furniture design, graphic design, product design, branding, and art selection. In the industry, Rottet Studio is renowned for being an inventor rather than a copycat. Rottet Studio offers creative architectural solutions that are defined by meticulous detail and a direct reaction to the client’s objectives, reflecting a commitment to enhance the human experience through the built environment.

We create environments through thoughtful design that not only meet our clients’ needs but also enable them to enjoy and succeed beyond their expectations. This is possible because through timeless sustainable design, we produce investments that are more effective, affordable, healthy, and long-lasting. Rottet Studio is in a prime position to surpass clients’ expectations because it has top-tier design professionals in Houston, Los Angeles, New York, and Shanghai.

One of the most well-known interior architects in the world today, Lauren Rottet has a remarkable resume that includes prizes, publications, talks, jury service, and honors. The American Institute of Architects and the International Interior Design Association both promoted Ms. Rottet to Fellow level, making her the only woman in history to receive both honors.



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