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Best Interior Designers, North America

Best Interior Designers From New York | Evensonbest

Best Interior Designers From New York | EvensonBest is one of the top ten largest volume contract furniture dealerships in North America, with an install base of completed interior design projects totaling more than $3 billion. Their staff counts with some of the best interior designers out there, and they are the masters of modern workplaces. EvensonBest anticipates potential issues and is clearly solution oriented so one can have the best work experience out there. Spaces to be enjoyed and admired, design inspirations.

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They guide their clients to make confident, intelligent office furniture decisions, later developing the interior design project envisioned. EvensonBest specializes in complex projects, building a reputation on unwavering advocacy for and accountability to their clients from start to finish. With over two decades of existence, EvensonBest has offices around the US and is also based in New York City, one of the main business centers in the world. The firm has extensive experience, and innovation drives its most brilliant interior design inspirations.

They have interior design projects all over the US, but we bring you some of their most incredible work on the Big Apple.

Ford Foundation

Ford Foundation tasked EvensonBest with preserving the original aesthetic throughout the renovation process. For this purpose, the firm collaborated with the Architect to provide FF&E from more than 100 vendors while carefully integrating legacy furnishings. Comfort and function are key, but this interior design project is also a great example of contemporary design and proves that an office can also be a place of luxury.


Inspired by Campari’s vibrant Italian heritage, EvensonBest assisted Gensler to relocate the brand to their new North American Headquarters in midtown New York City. The interior design project is Italian Classic and still vibrant and exciting, much like New York itself. A great collaboration between Gensler and EvensonBest.


Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

BCG’s New York City Hudson Yards office is what a modern workplace is truly all about. It incorporates bespoke furnishings with layered contemporary design. The interior design project incorporates several distinct and alternative room themes across each floor and space. Working with over 300 National and International furniture and textile vendors, EvensonBest delivered a distinguished office environment.


EvensonBest helped plan, produce, and deliver more than a thousand pieces of handmade furniture for the headquarters of Etsy, creating a bespoke design inspiration that is also a place of work and comfort. When it comes to office interior design projects, there’s no one better than EvensonBest to help you achieve the space of your dreams. Their knowledge of customized furniture and materials is unmatched and their work in transforming modern workplaces is truly inspiring.



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