Hongkun USA
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Hongkun USA: Best Interior Designers From New York

Hongkun USA:

Best Interior Designers From New York

Hongkun USA, with headquarters in New York City, adapts the parent company’s successful community-building business model to build vibrant mixed-use developments in the US that are full of lifestyle and cultural amenities at a reasonable price. The company is now concentrating on creating properties that are innovation-driven in Greater Metropolitan areas around the Northeast and the mid-Atlantic, and it plans to scale its concept nationally.

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Hongkun Group, a global real estate investment, development, and management holding firm with its headquarters in Beijing, has a US subsidiary called Hongkun USA. Hongkun Group owns more than $7 billion worth of residential, business, healthcare, tourism, and cultural properties throughout the world. Hongkun USA portfolio has experienced consistent growth since its founding in 2002 by broadening its scope of operations across a variety of asset classes and creatively expanding the platform’s platform scope, adding extensive service offerings that increase the value of its core business: community-focused real estate development.


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Hongkun Original Peninsula

Wuqing, Tianjin

Hongkun USA

“One lake, three gulfs, six islands.” Located in the Wuqing district in Tianjin, the Hongkun Original Peninsula is a concept that emphasizes comfort, tranquil surroundings, and upscale amenities.


Hongkun Phoenix City

Langfang, Hebei

Hongkun USA

Hongkun USA designed this family-friendly community located in Langfang, 40 minutes from Beijing, Phoenix City features tasteful stone-embellished buildings in the North American architectural tradition. It received China’s first “Child-Friendly Community” award in 2017.


Hongkun Landscape Villa

Sanya, Hainan Island

Hongkun USA

Luxury meets zen. Set among the mountains and sea on Sanya, Hainan Island, the Landscape Villa is Hongkun USA’s first eco-resort concept.


Hongkun Forest And Life Villa

Daxing, Beijing

Hongkun USA

As the first residential building in Asia-Pacific to receive LEED Platinum certification and the first residential building in Beijing to integrate the Internet of Things technology into planning, Beijing Forest and Life Villa sets the market standard for luxurious, ecological living.

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Hongkun Value Town

Daxing, Beijing

Hongkun USA

Hongkun Business Park Group’s first industrial project, Hongkun Value Town, delivers entrepreneurs and industry groups best-in-class industrial incubation resources while providing a design aesthetic that inspires the five senses. At 2018’s Industrial Park Conference, Value Town was ranked #6 on the list of the Top Business Parks in China; it also achieved the top spot on the list of best-designed parks in North China.


Hongkun Flower And Life Villa

Yichang, Hubei

Hongkun USA

Hongkun’s Flower and Life Villa is a stunning eco-real estate concept that offers residents unmatched quality of living by capturing the significance of the natural environment within the urban proximity.


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