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Drake/Anderson: One Of The Best Design Firms In New York



We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design firms in New York City. Drake/Anderson take the turn today, a design firm that is responsible for some of the most luxurious interior design projects in New York. Led by designers Jamie Drake and Caleb Anderson, Drake/Anderson is an award-winning design firm based in New York City. They are the essence of luxury and refinement and their work is the perfect combination between the classic and the contemporary, which is why, according to the design firm, dynamic eclecticism is their hallmark.


Drake/Anderson living room in light tones


From interior design projects in hospitality to residential projects, Drake/Anderson creates comfortable, livable spaces, filled with character and sophistication. The award-winning design firm has worked in New York City many times in the past, and their residential projects are a beautiful example of what interior design in The Big Apple is all about.


Drake/Anderson dining room with blue and light dominance


For example, they have worked in two Upper East Side Residences. In both projects, blue and light dominate. The bright spaces are enhanced using strong colors combined with an overall neutral palette and sophisticated furnishings. Spots of gold or silver provide a jewelry-like feel to the rooms. The design firm’s love for modernism is very present in these projects, strong décor and art pieces complement the rooms beautifully to create an almost gallery-like environment. These two residences are unique design inspirations!


Drake/Anderson living room with a pink marble fireplace

Drake/Anderson open space in light, blue and golden colours

Drake/Anderson open space with dining table and white walls


The Tribeca Residence is another incredible interior design project by the design firm. Also located in New York City, this residence is a beautiful example of Drake/Anderson’s work. The spaces look sophisticated but still filled with character. The blue and gold provide a sense of luxury and the purity of the white walls softens the space. The design firm plays with colors and designer furniture to create a home that feeds the mind and the senses.


Drake/Anderson light tones with blue contrast rug and armchair

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Drake/Anderson office with a blue and yellow strong neutral palette


The Downtown Manhattan Residence is a powerful interior design project. The design firm chose unique pieces that speak for themselves. Extravagant, but with a slight restraint, this project could almost be an art showroom. Surprising elements like the use of yellow and blue elevate the strong neutral palette. The use of different materials and textures give the spaces a playful vibe but still eclectic. An unprecedented design inspiration!


Drake/Anderson family space with a modern and contemporary approach


Drake/Anderson are undoubtedly masters of design, their projects are unique and a feast for all senses. Modernism and a contemporary approach go hand in hand in their interior design projects. It comes as no surprise that they have achieved, individually and as a team, some of the highest awards and honors in the industry, including the prestigious Elle Decor A-List, the Architectural Digest AD100 list, Interior Design magazine’s Hall of Fame, House Beautiful’s Master Class and Next Wave. Drake/Anderson is unquestionably one of the best design firms in New York City and in the World.


Drake/Anderson grey tones living room with yellow and golden complementes



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