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15 Best Interior Designers In Brasil

Best Interior Designers In Brasil are here! Some of the world’s top interior designers are from Brasil, where many of them rose to prominence as mentors, ultimate tastemakers, and industry idols. Take a look at Best Interior Designers Blog collection from the 15 Best Interior Designers in Brasil!

15 Best Interior Designers In Brasil

1. Brunete Fraccaroli

Known as “the colorful architect,” renowned architect Brunete Fraccaroli specializes in residential, commercial, and exhibition buildings. She has more than 30 years of experience working in the field of architecture and design. This renowned interior designer has attended conferences in cities including Chicago, Miami, New York, Milan, Berlin, Punta del Este, and Buenos Aires as well as others throughout the globe.

2. Carlos Rossi

The over 25-year-old architect Carlos Rossi works on projects in many Brazilian states as well as various nations in Europe, Central America, and Africa. His creations have appeared in exhibitions, commercial publications, and foreign books, and he has won numerous prizes at significant Brazilian competitions. His work span a variety of industries, including design, hospitality, corporate, institutional, and commercial. His company, Carlos Rossi Architecture, is renowned for its cutting-edge approaches and modern aesthetic, stressing character and utility in all of its works.

3. Campana Brothers

Campana Brothers is a furniture design company known for its interesting designs that was founded in Sao Paulo in 1984. The firm currently works on specific projects and commissions as well as in the fields of architecture, landscaping, scenography, and fashion. Their work is fundamentally based on ideals that are universal, including freedom and human dignity, and it explores how our experiences in life help us discover who we are.

4. Ednéia Bonassi

Having worked as a ballerina, choreographer, and businesswoman, Ednéia has always been associated with the arts and entrepreneurship. Her love of interior design emerged in her life following this professional experience. Her projects and efforts are of high quality, making the surroundings friendly spaces.

5. Fernando Silvério

Fernando Silvério is known for his work in the architecture and interior design area. His projects are essentially private residences, mostly across Bazil.



Another name for an espresso cup, this armchair takes its shape precisely from it. Flawlessly curved to embrace the user, ergonomy is the keyword for this piece with its sublime design and soft seating. The discreet wide and elegant foot is the perfect little detail for creating the final expression of the armchair. The perfect piece of upholstery for your modern design. Demitasse, what else?


6. Fabio Galeazzo

The company of creativity and invention, Galeazzo Design, with an emphasis on architecture and design, was founded by Fabio Galeazzo, who also serves as its creative director. He frequently gives lectures on the design, industrial design, and creative processes. His writings have been published all over the world.

7. Fernanda Marques

Fernanda Marques was born in São Paulo and graduated in architecture from the University of São Paulo. She began her career as an apprentice under one of Brazil’s foremost practitioners of modern architecture, Gian Carlo Gasperini. In 1990 she created her own practice, FERNANDA MARQUES ARCHITECTS, which operates as a channel for its diverse work.


The FGMF was founded in 1999 with the intention of creating modern architecture with no limitations on the use of materials, construction methods, or scales. Most of their projects are for homes and businesses, and over the years, this company has won numerous accolades, including IIDA Best Interiors of Latin America.

9. Infinity Spaces

Leading interior designer Giseli Koraicho is in charge of the firm Infinity Spaces, which specializes in both architecture and interior design.
The company creates projects that integrate technology and sustainability while committing to the aesthetic appeal and practicality of environments. primarily engaged in the residential and business markets.

10. Liliana Zenaro Interiors

Liliana Zenaro lives by the tenet that a home’s interior decor should represent the character, preferences, and memories of its inhabitants. By carefully considering the needs and expectations of the clientele, this renowned interior designer creates designs that bring this philosophy to life. With an emphasis on quality, Liliana Zenaro Interiores completes residential, business, and commercial interior design projects. The outcome is modern, chic, and inviting rooms that represent balance and comfort.



Charla Dining Chair by Luxxu is a splendid object of boundless elegance. This marvelous design is the perfect example of timeless lines with a modern twist, by using a complexity of luxurious materials, such as velvet, brass and lacquered wood.


11. Noura Van Dijk Interior Design

Noura van Dijk has spent close to 30 years changing both residential and business areas into illuminating surroundings. With innovation and openness, this renowned interior designer hopes to convert environments into welcome spaces. Her work was recognized in 2014 by the American Property Awards with gold distinction in Brazil and silver in South and Central America. It is routinely included in the top interior design publications.

12. Rute Stédile Interiores

Rute Stédile, which is presently commemorating 20 years on the market, distinguishes out for its breadth of knowledge, innovation, and comprehension of its clients’ demands. Her styles range from modern to rustic, guaranteeing distinctive outcomes.

13. Sig Bergamin

Sig Bergamin is globally acclaimed for his unique work in architecture and in the interior design world, and for his unique style in creating audacious spaces. Graduate from the Santos School of Architecture and Urbanism, this top interior designer‘s carrier has more than 35 years, carrying out projects in Brazil, in the United States, and in Europe. He had also won international awards for his work and is featured in Elle Décor’s A-List and in Architectural Digest’s AD 100 list.

14. Studio M Arquitetura

Studio M Arquitetura is directed by architect Camila Moreno and has 10 years of history, with a wide portfolio of projects throughout Brazil, the United States, and Portugal. Each project is unique adapted to their client’s dreams, desires, and lifestyles, based on innovation, comfort, and well-being.

15. Studio Arthur Casas

Since 1999, the group of designers, architects, and urbanists has operated from sao paulo and new york and constructed in numerous cities around the world, including tokyo, paris, rio de janeiro, ny, and sao paulo. This has resulted in the development of an internationally recognized and published vocabulary.



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