Best interior designers: Jean Louis Deniot denoit
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Best Interior Designers

Best interior designers: Jean Louis Deniot

Jean Louis Deniot is one of the best interior designers out there. He is the most prestigious french decorator.

Since 2000, the year that he concluded his studies in the École Camondo (a renowned school of product design and interior architecture), Jean Louis has been working on projects from New York to New Dehli. Architecture, decoration, lighting and furniture…Deniot does it all.

Jean Louis is recognized for having a very eclectic and traditional style. He loves history and tries to recreate some periods in his designs

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When you look at his work you think: “ this just could be done by a french.” He understands perfectly the classic style and always give a personal touch to his decor.

“My style is full of history and references coming from many different periods. I like emblematic interiors, full of archetypical furniture which one could consider “Neo or Cooll Classic”. This ranges from Neoclassiucal to the 30’s, 40’s. 50’s, 60’s, etc. The decors are never literal or featuring typical period rooms, but eclectic and very architectural, with mixed influences, and always focusing on the highest level of quality possible. I don’t do pure contemporary as to me, it has no soul. I need to have history in my work-.”

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All of his projects have some aspects in common: quality, refinement and discreet luxury. Deniot likes to create a room that is balanced with the perfect lighting, a beautiful contrast and magnificent materials.

In order to do the best work, Jean Louis has a very defined method. Frist the architecture, second the paintings and sculptures, third the furniture and fabrics in last. That’s his recipe for timeless and beautiful masterpieces.

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Deniot has always “choose”his clients. He will work for you just if he thinks that you deserve his time and effort. A man that says: “I would prefer to eat just bread than have a horrible client” isn’t kidding.

His work has been featured in the most important magazines in the architectural and design world: Architectural Digest (US), AD France, AD Spain, AD Russia, AD Germany, House and Garden (UK and Australia), Elle Decoration in France, US, and Russia are some examples.

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Deniot’s high standards, dedication and talent make him one of the best interior designers in the world. His work is timeless!

His lucky costumers must be very very satisfied.

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