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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers in Los Angeles | Scott Thomas

First of all, Scott Thomas is a people person – a listener with a passionate desire to please and delight clients. He knows that good interior design brings happiness and success to everyone it touches.




Scott’s unique outlook, style and sense of space are evident in every project. Frequently asked to speak on a wide range of interior design topics, Scott is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers and has been featured in The Los Angeles Times, IN LA Magazine, Boston Globe, Realtor Magazine and more.




In 2004, he founded his firm – Scott Thomas Interior Design (formerly Thomas-Somero Design) and since then he has produced electric and eclectic original designs for all styles of homes and workplaces from concept to design.




His approach centers around three core principles: addressing the client’s lifestyle and functional needs; enhancing existing architecture; and adding a unique spin on furnishing, accessories, fabrics and colors.




Thomas also has an impressive list of celebrity clientele, aesthetically inclined homeowners throughout Los Angeles and Palm Springs, and such Los Angeles landmarks as the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Hyatt Group.