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Martha O’Hara Keeps Things Fresh

Something you see very often in interior designers’ descriptions is the always refreshing capability that seems unique to each of them, but when you scroll down on their portfolio it feels that somehow that freshness has long gone faded away and every room seems to be the same for years on end. That doesn’t seem to be the case with Martha O’Hara, this former accountant and business consultant had to move around so many times, through 5 states and two countries, that she found out she had a natural knack for flipping homes by staging them beautifully. Always interested in owning her own business, in 1988, Martha decided to strike out as a design entrepreneur, and she has never looked back.
Martha O'Hara Designs
Whether you are building a new home or updating your furniture, Martha offers functionality, style and value, and she truly believes that good business and great design go hand in hand. She works with award-winning designers who love a variety of styles and have a great range of aesthetics, never getting too comfortable with a particular ‘look.’ Regardless of where you live, Martha O’Hara strives to make every project a rewarding experience for her clients.
Martha O'Hara Designs Martha O'Hara Designs Martha O'Hara Designs

“I truly believe that our clients receive the absolute best design for the very best value. It’s a classic win-win situation that leaves everyone feeling fabulous with the end result.”