Best Interior Designers | Franz Potisek
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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers | Franz Potisek

Franz Potisek is one of the France’s best, fashionable and interesting interior designers. His love for the design and architecture started very early. He has discovered his passion for it in childhood. When he was only seven year old, he saw Versailles for the first time. He visited every corner it was possible to visit and became fascinated by its architecture and beauty. He fell in love with décor after visiting Versailles.


`When I was ten, reading a feature in « Paris-Match », I discovered the Château de Groussay, the fruit of the combined aesthetic deliriums of owner Charles de Beistegui, and interior decorator Emilio Terry. It was a shock, a life-changer, a revelation: it dawned on me that it was possible to reproduce decors just as sumptuous as those of the chateaus of yesteryear. I was stunned; I found it extraordinary that we could recreate an antique finish. Emilio Terry instantly became my hero. That was the day I decided to become an interior designer.`, says the designer.


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When Franz Potisek was twelve, having saved pocket money for months on end, he took a decisive step and bought an empire-style mahogany writing desk. He started to take a serious interest in art, decorative arts and furniture. As a young man, Potisek went to live in Paris and frequented the world of antique dealers. He observed elders designers and learnt on the job. Potisek’s first real break came from a perfumer who asked him to redecorate his premises and after that went from job to job.

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The real breakthrough happened when the designer met antique dealer, Stéphane Deschamps, who became his mentor and introduced him to the decorative arts of the 20th century, a domain in which he was an expert. Deschamps trained him, taught how to be more rigorous, precise, and to sharpen his choices. In 1993, on the strength of his teaching, Potisek opened his first interior design firm in his apartment in the 9th arrondissement. ‘It was difficult to begin with, but I was confident and I persevered. I started to design furniture. I worked on some small projects where I was able to apply the guiding principles I had already decided on: stay as close as possible to the original period of the places I am working on, without worrying about reconstitution or historical fidelity, and make them pleasant to live in. The idea is to recreate a period or an ambiance as I imagine them, incorporating technological progress and the lifestyle of the owners into the equation.’, says the designer.

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Anticipation of needs, perfection of details and extreme quality of the materials worked by the best craftsmen are his philosophy. The designer likes the idea of bringing back up to date something that is considered outdated. He also enjoys mixing periods and styles, genuine and fake, antique and modern. Potisek adores playing with contrasts, colours, prints, and imagining solutions to elegantly conceal the utilitarian.

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‘I like people to be able to enter a house as if they were putting on a comfortable garment, that has been broken in. My goal is to provide them with homes that are comfortable, generous, ready to be lived in and that reflect their aspirations. Let them delight in turning up with just a toothbrush and pyjamas…`, says Potisek.

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‘Today I feel fulfilled. I work in France and in lots of other countries, decorating, always with the complicity of my clients, apartments, country houses, town houses, boutiques, and hotels that are a reflection of the owners.’, declares the designer.

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To see more Franz Potisek’s exquisite works visit his portfolio.