Best Interior Designers * Flora Di Menna Designs
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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers * Flora Di Menna Designs

Since its establishment in 1987 under the creative direction of Flora Di Menna, this Toronto based Interior Design firm has garnered numerous awards for excellence in design for luxury residences, model homes and suites, corporate offices, and Condo amenity, sales centre and public spaces.

Flora Di Menna and her team are renowned for their lavish interior designs executed on time, and on budget. But clients also know and love them for the flawless execution of those designs, thanks to the comprehensive planning, obsessive attention to detail and wise choice of furnishings that are usually custom designed by FDM.


BestInteriorDesigners-FloraDiMennaDesigns-2FDM’s approach is to treat every project individually, so that every design is tailored to the specific client and works within their budget and scope. On some projects, like the St Lucia SunDream estate, Di Menna pulled together the whole team – architects, engineers, landscape architects and her interior design team. Together they worked on the design of both interior and exterior to make the client’s vision become reality.BestInteriorDesigners-FloraDiMennaDesigns-3That can only happen because the FDM mandate is first and foremost to listen to the clients. “Once we know what our clients want,” Flora Di Menna says, “we can then set about to provide the creative work and results that they desire. We take their ideas, and turn them into an exciting reality.”BestInteriorDesigners-FloraDiMennaDesigns-4Flora Di Menna Designs has long been recognized in the industry. Among her clients, she’s well known for being able to deliver consistently beautiful work and always on time. (If truth be told, she can actually turn a project around on a dime.)BestInteriorDesigners-FloraDiMennaDesigns-5But FDM Designs has also been recognized through numerous awards and honours, starting with awards of distinction from both Ontario Home Builders and Greater Toronto Home Builders. These awards – won in consecutive years — have been for model homes, model suites, sales offices and décor centres.


To see more inspiring interior design projects that FDM has created visit its website!