Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada (1)
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Best Interior Designers, North America

2023 Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada

Today we decided that top interior designers in canada need a bit more attention on our blog. Therefore, we present a shortlist of the best interior designers and interior design companiesin this amazing country.



Elizabeth Metcalfe

Elizabeth Metcalfe believes design makes a difference. It’s about helping clients live better and falling in love with their home. Good design creates a feeling of warmth and unity. It requires a commitment to detail – repetition of line and form, the subtleties of colour, the contrast of layered textures, the play of scale and proportion. A finished room may look simple, but it is not simple to do.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada (1)


David Powell & Fenwick Bonnell

With a philosophy to provide tailored lifestyle-centric solutions of exceptional quality, we take pride in the fact that we are not confined to a signature design style. This enables our multi-talented design team to create solutions which meet the lifestyle and desires of the client while respecting cues given by the established “architecture” of the environment.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada


Laura Stein

Laura is one of Toronto’s most prominent and highly-visible decorating professionals, having won considerable acclaim for her personalized design style, insights on cutting-edge trends, and customized furnishings. Her work has been nationally and internationally recognized with multiple industry awards, including the 2014 National Kitchen and Bath Association 1st Place Award in the large bathroom category.





Alan John Marsh

Alan immigrated to Canada from England to work in the design office of Colin Rae & Associates, where after two years he was made a partner. Studies in London, England concluded, with his acceptance into the Society of Industrial Artists in the Interior Design category (MSIA). Alan was the youngest member to have been accepted at that time.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada -Alan John Marsh


Alexander Interiors & Design

Jamie Alexander was a young guru in the business industry, winning several well-­recognized business awards such as “Young Entrepreneur of the Year”. Now in his 18th year in business, he has spent the last 15 with a focus on design. Throughout his years, he has been the designer behind many great high-­end, well-­known hotels & restaurants. Never leaving his retail passion behind, throughout the years Jamie has maintained working relationships with several national and international houseware and furniture companies.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada - Alexander Interiors


Tomas Pearce

Tomas Pearce Interior Design Consulting Inc. is based in downtown Toronto, Canada. Led by Principal Partners Melandro Quilatan and Tania Richardson, the team at TPIDC Inc. is a collaboration of talented, energetic and experienced company of Interior Designers, Project Managers, Stylists and Procurement Agents along with a Resident Architect and In-house Graphic Designer.


Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada

Yabu Pushelberg

With studios in New York and Toronto, the design studio is divided into 6 teams comprised of design and project management personnel specializing in luxury design. Yabu Pushelberg has been honoured with the Platinum Circle Award, for the exceptional achievement in the hospitality industry, as well as, the James Beard Foundation award for excellence in Restaurant design.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada



Paul Raff Studio

Raff’s reputation for excellence was established at the outset of his career in 1993 with award-winning design for Toronto’s waterfront redevelopment. His architectural experience includes involvement in world-class projects such as the Barcelona Olympic Redevelopment, the Chinese Vice-President’s House in Shanghai, and the Bluepoint residential resort in Thailand.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada


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Burdifilek is a boutique commercial interior design firm with an international reach. The Burdifilek design philosophy embraces the sophistication and creative intelligence. The firm’s unique design identity is demonstrated through a wide range of national and international projects with brand strategic, expressive, meticulously curated interiors. Creators of a unique international style, the Burdifilek design team works together to transcend trends; fluidly blending a distinctive design vision with a trademark elegance and polish.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada - Burdifilek


Anna Duval

Anna can’t be out of the Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada. She is dedicated to creating timelessly elegant interiors with a solid character uniquely tailored to each specific client. Her design philosophy features a refined use of sophisticated colours, sensual textures, classic shapes and exquisite accessories. She gives preference to natural materials, which make an interior look and feel ‘alive’.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada


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Williams Craig Design

Williams Craig Design Studio is making use of its new streetside digs by combining its corporate business with its own carefully curated design boutique. The firm spent more than 13 years shrouded from sidewalk view, up in a warehouse space over at Queen and John. Earlier known as UW Design Group, the company morphed into its current incarnation when designer Karen Williams partnered with architect Joelle Craig.

HOK Canada

HOK’s first Canadian office opened in Toronto in 1997, when they merged with Urbana Architects. Their design solutions result from a collaborative process that encourages multidisciplinary teams to research alternatives, share knowledge and imagine new, sustainable ways to solve the challenges of our built environment.



Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada


Superkül Inc

The last name on our list of the best interior designers in Canada is Superkul firm. The firm has a broad portfolio of project types, ranging from single-family housing to larger scale commercial and institutional work and master planning. While diverse, all of the projects they undertake share an attention to detail and material at both the large and the small scale, a thorough engagement of the clients and stakeholders involved, and a profound connection of buildings to their built and natural contexts.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada


3 Tok Design Group

3 Tok Design Group is a multi-disciplinary interior design company in Toronto. The firm has distinguished itself with the ability to generate creative design solutions based on a deep understanding of how people live their lives. They design environments of lasting aesthetic beauty, quality and function to enhance and meet the needs of each client lifestyle.


Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada- 3 Tok Design


Mary Bannet

Look through the pages of their portfolio, and you’ll see that in all the interior decorating project samples presented, each has a different story to tell, each as unique as the people they were designed for.

Top 15 Interior Designers in Canada (4)


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