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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers | Cameron Woo

Cameron Woo Design (CWD) is an interior design & lifestyle firm established in 2000 with offices in Sydney and Singapore, servicing a residential and commercial clientele across the Asia Pacific region

The founder of the CWD Cameron Woo has established itself as one of the top 70 interior designers in the world. His projects extends from Australia through Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and China up to Kazakhstan. The winner of the 2013 – 2014 WORLD’S Best Interior Design Firm for Residential Apartment project at an ultra-luxurious Nassim Park Residences Singapore so speaks about luxury:

 “Whilst luxury is about creating something bespoke and personal for your own indulgence, comfort and pleasure, I always adhere to key principles of design when designing any home  – even on a budget – to create glamour, as these principles have little to do with money. Above all, as a home is a sanctuary, it should bring you joy.”

Check out one of his latest projects – dazzling with colours AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial Office in Singapore.

AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial Office 1AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial  Office 2AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial Office 3AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial Office 4AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial Office 5AkzoNobel & Dulux Commercial Office