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Best Interior Designers * Blacksheep London

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Blacksheep is an independent, international and award winning design agency that harnesses the power of creative ideas to help companies and their brands to achieve their objectives. Over the past twelve years they have developed an expert practice within the hospitality industry, collaborating with their clients to create iconic and remarkable projects.

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Blacksheep’s aspiration isn’t simply to design spaces that make a good first impression but to deliver outstanding hospitality experiences that consumers want to repeat. Ours is a total service approach, tailored to each client’s individual needs. There is a belief in painstakingly researching every aspect of a new F&B concept, from the menu in your hand to the seat you’re sitting in, from the story behind your brand to the uniforms of your staff.

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One of the qualities that makes Blacksheep stand out from the crowd is the understanding of how customers interact with brands. Delivering the best possible customer experience is always paramount for them, along with driving brand awareness and generating profit for clients. We are talking about a full service agency with the skills and knowledge to deliver brand positioning and identity, signage, uniforms and F&B collateral.

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According to Blacksheep, their aim is to elevate your business through the power of fantastic design. All their work is in or around the world of hospitality, which means they have the experience and expertise to know exactly what performs visually in F&B design and how to generate the maximum financial return. They are not about the mundane, the safe; they believe in creating spaces that are remarkable, extraordinary, but above all, spaces that work.

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At Blacksheep there is vision and expertise to push the consumer experience to a new level. They specialize in the design and implementation of cutting edge multimedia environments that combine video, lighting, sound and special effects. They also have the expertise to create groundbreaking media installations, with a focus on interactive technology such as LED screens, touch tables and projections.

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