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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designers * Martinuzzi Interiors

At Martinuzzi Interiors, they design rooms that are elegant, variable, and functional, with a special aesthetic, at highest quality and competitive pricing.

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They are specialized in:


Individual and qualitative superior renovations of apartments, houses, and villas.

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Interior Design

Living concepts, planning and consultancy for private residences, interior decoration, both for existing and new buildings.

Hotel interiors as well as gastronomy, bar and lounge concepts, office and praxis furnishing.

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Feng Shui

The energetic philosophy that is provided with comfort and positioned rooms and their subject matter in facilities is one of the most important properties in an interior design’s project concept.

Home staging

Would you want to plan an event at home? Or would you want to sell an object? They will help to set-up and to build your ideal residency.

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The Art of Living

Make yourself comfortable and feel at home, they are here to make it happen. If it is simple and pure, or more romantic and dramatically staged – at Martinuzzi Interiors, you will find all these elements, which will make your home reach your personal comfort.

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In Harmony with Passion

Harmony stands for agreement & passion – says Wikipedia. Home is the place, where one can identify himself or herself, and the place to feel comfortable. Martinuzzi Interiors, the professional Interior Design studio in Zurich, will work together with you on room concepts, that are beautiful, functional and that fit to your own personal taste.


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