Best Interior Designers * Yanic Simard
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Best Interior Designers

Best Interior Designer * Yanic Simard

Canadian celebrity designer Yanic Simard comes from a long line of industry professionals in Montreal that based their successes on the fact that good design, attention to detail and quality workmanship are the cornerstones to the art of living. Yanic has synthesized his experience in the building trade with his creative talent to found the Award Winning Toronto Interior Design Group (TIDG)—one of Canada’s leading design firms.

The road to design success for Yanic did, however, take some detours along the way. After exploring interior design in Montreal, he spent several years in television where he enjoyed a successful career as a reporter for an entertainment show.


BestInteriorDesigners-YanicSimard-6Despite a promising career in media, Yanic never abandoned his love for interior design. A keen market observer for small spaces and creative thinker, he came to believe that small spaces and transitional design was the way of the future—which became the modus operandi for the Toronto Interior Design Group itself.BestInteriorDesigners-YanicSimard-2A talented team of professionals based in Toronto supports Yanic as TIDG strive to create your dream interiors based on a décor aesthetic of richly layered rooms that blend serious style and playful individualism. It is achieved by mixing custom and vintage pieces, combined with travel mementos, family heirlooms and personal keepsakes with the addition of bold art. They provide a truly unique experience for each of their select clients in order to create their perfect space.BestInteriorDesigners-YanicSimard-3Specializing in design planning and renovation, new builds, kitchens and bathrooms, and furnishings along with decoration for condos and homes, TIDG works closely with its client in assuring the best results are produced alongside our highly skilled and experienced trades in all fields – from millwork to tile work and custom draperies and furnishings.BestInteriorDesigners-YanicSimard-5

BestInteriorDesigners-YanicSimard-4Yanic is a TV design expert appearing on the number one Canadian talk show Cityline. He is also a writer/editor for many Canadian and international publications and blogs such as the Huffington Post and Houzz, and has launched worldwide in 2014 his own home decor accessory line, Yanic Simard Selected (YSS) making him an successful, accomplished entrepreneur and one of the top interior designers.