Wimberly Interiors Unveils New Creative Workspace in Singapore
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Wimberly Interiors Unveils New Creative Workspace in Singapore

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Visionary design firm Wimberly Interiors with offices in America and Dubai has opened its new front door to the Asia Pacific market with dynamic new studios in Singapore.

The studio is located at 8 Commonwealth Lane, adjacent to the WATG’s existing planning, architectural and landscape studios. The distinction between the studios celebrates the rapid growth of the firm’s platform and strategic leadership growth within Asia.


large_1A9E34C1-1372-6883-1642D951D4872A0AThe aesthetic is clean, contemporary and sophisticated, inspired by the success of Wimberly Interiors studios around the globe, where the physical space frames and highlights our creative designs. Evocative of an artist’s loft, the open plan fosters creativity, collaboration and social interactions within an agile work environment. The spacious layout include natural daylight that floods though panoramic window, intuitive resource library, and informal meeting spaces where designers may challenge and inspire each other.

large_1A9BA6B4-1372-6883-168611646FA7B43ALocated in Queenstown District, the Commonwealth neighborhood is a significant representation of Singapore’s British influence and named after the Commonwealth of Nations. Wimberly Interiors’ Singapore studio enjoys scenic views of the cityscape and is conveniently located within walking distance to Holland Village, a popular enclave of bars and restaurants.

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large_1A9873EA-1372-6883-16837F34FA420B48The new studio will be led by Terry Henriksen, who was recently appointed Studio Director. Together with new Creative Director Tomoko Day, the team will spearhead the firm’s strategic initiative of further penetrating the Asia market. “I am extremely excited about joining the energetic and talented designers of Wimberly Interiors, and look forward to sharing my experiences as we embark on this ambitious journey together,” notes Henriksen. With numerous projects in the pipeline, Wimberly Interiors looks forward to an outstanding year.