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Peter Kostelov is a famous Russian Architect and Interior Designer. He is a  Member of the Union of Architects of Russia. The number of prizes he has won during his professional career is really impressive – he is a Winner of XIII  Festival  “Landscape Architecture. Look From Home, Winner of XIV International Festival of Architecture and Interior Design “Under the Roof of Home”  2012 for a “Multi-Level Apartment”, Winner of Russian Architect Award  “ARCHIWOOD 2010”  for projects made from wood, in the category “Wood Decoration”. Petr has also been honored with a Grand Prize of  XII International Festival of Architecture and Interior Design “Under the Roof
of Home  2010 for a “Wood Patchwork House”, He is a Winner of International Architect Award “ARCHIP 2009” in the category “Private House”for a private house of 133 sq.m. Petr is also a winner of International Architect Award “ARCHIP 2008 in the category “Private House” for a private house of 1,530 sq. m. He was also three times a Laureate for Architect Award  in the category of “Habitable interior”.



Peter Kostelov is a man of art. He has graduated in 1992 from Almaty State University of  Theatre and Art, school of Theatre Decoration. During the last two years of faculty he has been working as production designer on the “Kazakhfilm” film studio.

After graduating, Peter has been working and studying in Moscow – firstly attending a course for film makers at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography and then on television.

At the same time, in 1995, Peter has started working as private architect and he was so successful in this area, that very soon it as become his main professional activity.



Peter’s style is easily recognizable: clear straight lines, minimum details,  subtile colours.

Peter says it is difficult to him to classify his own style. Some people say it is minimalism, some – functionalism, others – constructivism. Himself he prefers “neobrutalism”.


Peter Kostelov is paying special attention to the functionality of the space. Peter says that his main workin principle is rigid planning – he creates several versions of the project and then works on them. Peter says that his favorite stage of the work is the initiating – the moment when the project is starting to be born, when the architect creates something from nothing.

Peter, who initially came to the architecture from the world of movie, is claiming that there are many similarities between these two worlds. The base of any project is a form, an idea – clearly formed and verbalized so it can be discussed. Both cinematography and architecture have this element – figurativeness, artistic approach and this is hyper important. Otherwise, the architecture will turn faceless, spineless and dull.

He also likes working with natural materials – mostly with wood.



The Most Iconic Projects

1. Origami Guesthouse in Tver Region, Russia (2012) which is completely white – both inside and outside.



The Deco Pattern House which is located in the grounds of a house in Russia’s Konakovsky district and was influenced by the decorative style of early nineteenth-century Russian architecture.

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Inspirational Quotes

Perfect client is a rational person who understands that architecture and design are spheres of professional ambition, not tastes.

The best way to know the person is his favourite music. Music influences the personality without passing throuh any emotional filters. If you want to understand the person, you just have to ask what music he listens to. For me personally it is an important criteria.

The main issue for any designer is planning, Well planned interior is easy to refresh, introducing new textures, colours and materials. But those are temporary, while good planning is eternal.


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