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Top Furniture Brands


Fusing unique materials with extraordinary forms, furniture designers are breaking all the rules when it comes to creating tables, chairs, storage options and lighting.

You can attach the “luxury” tag to furniture based on its price, but isn’t that, well, a bit cheap? Style and innovation – priceless qualities that underpin eye-catching design – are better benchmarks.

Certain trends stand out. Computer-controlled manufacture creates works of startling precision and complexity. Unusual materials, from burnt wood to beach detritus, recast ideas of what can be used to make a chair, table or light. Unique or limited-edition pieces, meanwhile, bring exclusivity to items of furniture more akin to the art world.

The following designers/brands are bold pathfinders when it comes to creating sculptural objects that have the functionality of furniture.

Endless Nile Table by Karim Rashid

Corian Endless Nile Table, 2007

The beautiful Endless Nile table by famous multi-talented designer Karim Rashid takes its inspiration from the slow and perpetual flow of the Nile river. The new design combines the inspiration by the past with a futuristic deconstruction of conventional table and seating concepts resulting in an original and contemporary piece of art and furniture. The table uses a wooden base with a steel structure. The white Dupont Corian helps achieve fluidity and clearifies the table’s lines and structure.

Liquid Glacial table by Zaha Hadid


 Hadid’s new passion inspired the 2013 opening of her Design Gallery in London’s Clerkenwell, which showcases pieces such as the Liquid Glacial table, where the geometry of the flat surface is transformed into a fluid vortex.”Our avant-garde designs inspire new technologies, techniques and materials,” she says. “Those, in turn, inspire us to push the design envelope ever further.

Ripple chair by Ron Arad

ripple-ron-aradThe organic form of the Ripple Chair reflects Ron Arad’s interest in patterns and shapes occurring in nature. The circular aperture on the seating shell adds to the lightness and elegance of the design, while the sturdy base provides stable seating support. The ripple relief of the surface and the unique form of the backrest create the distinctive look of the chair, which is a favourite amongst interior designers and style experts alike. Beautiful as well as functional, this quality replica of the Ripple Chair is also stackable, which is a practical feature when you need to save space. The playful design is suitable for both domestic and public spaces and adds an artistic feel to the interior.

Wavy C2 by Peter Stern


“Wavy C” Cabinet. The drawer fronts and carcass edges are constructed in layered and polished plywood. The exposed carcass top and sides can be finished in vavona burr veneer or spray painted. The unit is supported on contrasting polished stainless steel triangular legs.

Monochrome console by Boca do Lobo

Monochrome console by Boca do Lobo

An example of utmost level of both skill and imagination combined to create an exceptionally unique object that will stand out in any room. Monochrome expresses the vision of its time, but also wins intemporality in each detail. This piece distinguishes itself through its good taste and a sophisticated touch, as well as by theurban and contemporary character of its use.

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