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Saudi Diyar Consultants is one of the leading multidiscipline design firms in the Middle East with a diverse portfolio of commercial, institutional, residential, hospitality, health care, as well as urban design projects. Diyar Consultants, without any doubt, can be called one of the best design company in the world.

Basic Information

Founded in 1985, Diyar’s Head office is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and has branches located in Cairo, Beirut, Manila, Riyadh, Makkah, Madinah and Al-Khobar. Diyar’s staff, consisting of architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers is supported by state-of-the-art software and computer systems.


Diyar’s comprehensive professional services, from the earliest planning stages through final project closeout and handing-over, include Project Management services that begins with project definition and budget development, planning, phasing and scheduling, quality control, document review and coordination, as well as overseeing the design and construction process. Diyar also offers post-design services such as construction supervision (full-time site representation), which cover project staging, cost and schedule control, quality control to ensure adherence to the design intent and applicable codes and standards, project closeout and handing-over, as well as post occupancy evaluation.


In an effort to further expand their services of specialty design, Diyar Consulatnts has developed relationships with internationally renowned consulting firms. This exemplifies the firm’s commitment and desire to offer clients the most up-to-date technology and methods. Combined with their extensive practical experience, Diyar is among the highest quality architecture and engineering services in the Middle East.



Vision and values

The firm’s Design Philosophy is based on appropriateness of design to its context and above all clients’ needs. Their work is sensitive to natural, cultural and architectural contexts resulting in a distinctive identity for each project. Augmented by highly skilled project management and supervision team, Diyar is recognized for efficient project delivery, attention to detail and commitment to functional excellence.Top-Interior-Designers-Saudi-Diyar-Consultants-8

Diyar’s successful track record stems from their ability to effectively tackle complex projects and the desire to offer the highest quality design and production services. Diyar’s strong client relationships, many spanning the life of the firm, represent their greatest achievement.


Diyar integrates innovative and cutting-edge technologies into the built environment through high performance multi play converged networks that not only ensures our clients receive value for their investments but also guarantees that all built facilities would be able to host any technology of now and of the future.


Management Team

Saudi Diyar Consultants’ team consists of high skilled specialists in their fields. Fadi Moumne is the Managing Principal of the company. He is an architect holding a bachelor’s degree in Architecture and a master’s degree in Architecture/Urban Design with a 25 year extensive experience in planning, design and management.

As Principal-in-Charge of a wide range of projects of various sizes and complexity, Mr Moumne contributed to the successful design completion of major projects such as the Lamar Towers, Al Mada Towers and King Faysal Specialist Hospital.


Mr. Malak is the company’s Head of Construction and Supervision. He received his B.S in Civil Engineering from Alexandria University in Egypt and has 40 years of experience under his belt joining Diyar in 1987 as Director of Construction Supervision. Prior to Diyar, he was acting General Manager of SOGEX international in the Yemen republic.

His wide experience covered different countries in the construction of various types of projects, namely: Refinery, Airport Terminals, Desalination & Power Plants, landmark mall, prestigious places, Mosques, etc.

Selected Projects

Private Residence 1


This ottoman style private residential development consist of main villa, Mosque, annexes and services with a total built-up area of 52,000 sqm with full support service facilities. Red Indian limestone was incorporated as façade with a gladden lead domes.


Private Residence 2


Inspired by the 20th century Barcelona’s architecture, this private residence is located in Riyadh. Based on client requests, various design were used for the several buildings of the project which reflect a variety of architectural tastes. The concept takes advantage of the topography to maximize view and optimizes site utilization. The layout offers a combination of formal public spaces and intimate private settings. Artificial stones cladding chutes form the façade.


Private Residence 3


Located on a hilly side overlooking the old Dariya oasis, this vacation home possesses the finest modern classical design. The indoor and outdoor recreational area incorporates a various unique landscape elements with a Mediterranean outdoor sitting area and a swimming pool.


Intercontinental Hotel


Located in the central area of Madinah, this hotel overlooks the main road leading to the Haram. The development is designed on a unique lot with a curvature façade flavoring the Islamic architecture. It is considered part of the designated gate leading to the Holy Haram Mosque. It consists of four basements with provision of 128 car parking spaces, 244 rooms, 56 suites, 40 apartments, prayer rooms, restaurants, shops, a helipad, and other support services.


Grand Rotana Hotel


This luxury hotel is built on a 128,000 sqm plot located at the south edge of Shark bay, 5 kilometers north of Nehmah Bay and 5 kilometers south of Sharm El Sheikh airport. The site benefits from a unique 450m direct frontage onto the Red Sea and overlooking Tiran Island offering one of the richest and colorful coral reefs in the area.


The site has become very popular with amateur and professional snorkelers and divers. The hotel’s total built-up area is 60,000 sqm including luxury villas, rooms and suites (with time-share options) conference center, restaurants and bars as well as indoor and outdoor recreation facilities, fitness centers and
sport courts.


Saudi Diyar Consultants is one of the leading multidiscipline design firms in the Middle East with a diverse portfolio of commercial, institutional, residential, hospitality, health care, as well as urban design projects.

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