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MZ & Partners is a multi-award winning architecture firm founded and lead by Marwan Zgheib since 2002. Initially based in Qatar, the firm won several architectural competitions and had the opportunity to acquire extensive experience in designing and developing high-rise buildings in the midst of the construction boom in the country.

MZ & Partners is operating in Lebanon, Abu Dhabi, Morocco and Qatar. The latter is the most established one and includes more than 500 employees. MZ & Partners places a strong emphasis on design integrity and combine this with its unparalleled working knowledge of the region.



Company Profile

MZ & Partners is working on several projects around the world and has won first prize for the international architectural competition conducted for conception of the Al Dar Company headquarters in Abu Dhabi.


MZ & Partners is mainly centered on the conception and realization of towers, football stadiums (Qatar) and urban developments (Morocco). Furthermore, one of its most important projects is the energy city in Qatar. Energy City Qatar (ECQ) is the first ever integrated energy hub in the GCC and MENA regions.


The purpose of ECQ is to enhance the Gulf region’s ability to capture critical revenue streams from hydrocarbons and act as a nucleus for the core elements of Middle East ever growing oil and gas industry. As the world’s first integrated business centre, ECQ will be an international showcase for the next generation of technology and Innovations. It promises to play a major role in economic and social development of this region of the world.


This project is based on sustainable development, for its use of new materials and architectural technologies in order to develop a modern, solid, sustainable and ecological architecture.


Within a few years, MZ & Partners became one of the leading architecture and consultancy groups in Qatar and in the Gulf, with a regional office in Abu Dhabi.


In 2007, MZ & Partners’ headquarters were reassigned in Lebanon as an architecture and urban planning firm providing services for master planning projects, small-scale houses, hotels, high-rise buildings, residential buildings, stadiums, cultural centers and industrial buildings spread across Lebanon, Qatar, the UAE, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Nigeria.



MZ & Partners believes in pushing the boundaries of architecture and design. Their work relates to spatial concepts, form and structure. Their approach, driven by the specificity of context, expands the image of the modernist tradition, builds upon its thoughts, and develops its notions.


MZ & Partners’ designs essay with pure geometric forms, intensifying the volumetric, in the pursuit of an aesthetic that has become our architectural vocabulary.


Coming from designers’ and architects’ interest in both nature and art, their approach to form gives their design a sense of force and movement, always creating a dialog of functional architecture and sculptural form.


Selected Projects

Al Dar Headquarters in Abu Dhabi


The Al Dar Headquarters is designed to be an architectural icon that shines as the center of the Al Raha Beach Development in Abu Dhabi. It is inspired by the clam shell, which has deep cultural meaning for the local seafaring heritage.  The 110 meter high circular skyscraper has an area of four football fields.


W Doha Hotel & Residences


‘W’ Hotel operated by the Starwood Group, a 26-floor hotel and apartment building, located in West Bay, Doha. The project consists of basement carparking and four podium levels, featuring restaurants, bars and meeting facilities. Above this sits 25 additional floors, supporting hotel guestrooms and apartments and an elevated top floor boasting two penthouses.


Lotus Tower


This all glass exterior tower is situated at the prestigious Dafna Area facing city center mall, located across the street from City Centre Doha and is designed to resemble a lotus flower. It consists of 3 Basements, ground Floors and 25 office floors. Equipped with state of the art technologies, this tower is considered a landmark in its area. The 25 storey Lotus tower will offer tenants a panoramic view of the West Bay district and Doha Bay.


Company’s Features

MZ & Partners is one of the most active consultancy offices in Qatar that offers complete turnkey solutions including all design disciplines as well as supervision and project management.

Over 10 years’ experience as an office in offering quality design and supervision services for all types of buildings (towers, offices, residential compounds, hotels, hospitals, schools, stadia, industrials, military, etc.) as well as infrastructure works.


More than 500 staff including highly knowledgeable, qualified and experienced employees and detailers who are using the most sophisticated software and design tools and engaging latest technologies such as BIM, key personnel have more than 25 years of experience in their respective fields.


To sum up, MZ & Partners specialises in the delivery of world class construction projects, mainly in the Middle East and North Africa region. It is a multidisciplinary company with over 10 years’ expertise in architecture, engineering, infrastructure and project management. The company is proud of its highly-skilled and experienced team of people that are specialists in their respective fields. In the case of MZ & Partners, great team is a key to brilliant ideas and success in the design world! Thanks to its great architects, the company can be proud of being one of the best design firms in the world.

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