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Best Interior Designers, Europe

TOP 10 Swiss Interior Designers


POUR LES ALPES was founded in 2007 by designers Tina Stieger and Annina Gähwiler. Based in Zurich, the pair work together on artisanal design projects focusing on collaborations with craftspeople and inspired by their traditional techniques and unique knowledge. Through these collaborations, POUR LES ALPES create objects, which combine craft with contemporary design in order to propose new perspectives. In this spirit, key elements in their designs are their use of high quality, sustainable and regional materials such as Swiss pine wood. Their award-winning furniture series ECHOS (2008) demonstrates these values and is a tribute to Alpine culture; the three sets of drawers were created in collaboration with five Swiss artisan craftsmen using shingle-making, wood-carving and lace-making techniques. Each piece bears a unique name, ‘Ehrfurcht’ (reverence), ‘Neugierge’ (curiosity) and ‘Sehnsucht’ (desire), that describes a personal viewpoint of the Alpine surroundings.

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