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Best Interior Designers | Altercasa

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Founded in 2011, Bureau of Architecture and Design Altercasa provides services in a premium-class segment. The team unites experts with a considerable real projects experience. The company is committed not only to develop exceptional residential spaces but also to reflect a client’s unique style remaining mindful of their life culture. Altercasa integrates all processes of interior space development: architectural project, interior design, an object management at every stage and its turn-key solution. They seek to offer every client the best terms of cooperation.


They have two offices located in Moscow, Russian Federation and Monaco.

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The history of Altercasa Bureau started in 2011. The concept of the company was born as the result of shareholders’ interest after investing in real estate. The company has been successfully providing different kinds of services for 4 years; the company’s scope of service includes architectural design, interior design, control over construction procedures and entire furnishing of an object.



The team consists of 36 people; among them there are experienced architects, designers, constructors and project managers. The company was created based on the experience of the founders – creating the company they already knew very well what the clients need. So they created a system which helps planning and supervising all the processes with maximum attention. This system is based on the principles of the project management, but is way more detailed and unites several processes different by its nature. The planning is so detailed that the specification of the future interior starts with building materials and finishes with towels and tea spoons. This is the main difference of Altercasa.


Altercasa develops residential and public projects. The location of the projects is very broad: Russia, Monaco, France and other EU contries.


Altercasa pays a lot of attention to light. While working on a new project, one of their goals is combining the natural and artificial light in a perfect way.



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The Most Iconic Projects

One of the most iconic projects of Altercasa Bureau has been a duplex apartment in Moscow city. The professionals form Altercasa’s team have managed to develop a brutal design, which however looks very comfortable for living and even cosy. Spacey, stylish, with a lot of light and wonderful view from the windows – this penthouse is a contemporary dream!

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Second wonderful design created by Altercasa is office of BSG Luxury Group – company which offers consulting, marketing and communication services for high class brands. The office is located on 23th floor of “Moscow” skyscraper. The design was developed in sober, minimalistic style – the charm of true luxury.

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Inspirational Quotes

– An interior is a three-dimensional space created by a framework of interacting elements.

– To achieve the ultimate harmony of architecture and decoration, we carefully fill the space with objects, respecting their proportions and relationship.

– We create interiors where light, both natural and artificial, works on every scale, shaping up volumes and making details pop.

– A home’s decor can shape up freely by itself, building up with time like cultural strata.

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