Miami's Ultimate Design Guide For 2018! - Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit Best Interior Designers! #bestinteriordesigners #Design #Miami #TopInteriorDesigners @BestID
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TOP 10 Interior Designers * Miami, Florida

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Miami, Florida is the hottest place on earth to spend not just a few days but to spend your life. It’s the city of beauty, luxury, artists, sun, and, of course, parties. Because of all the money and international environment, in Miami, you can find the most glamorous homes, luxury condominiums, and five-star hotels with an incredible jaw-dropping decoration. That’s why this is the perfect luxury design city where you can find the best interior designers with the highest standards of excellence for your next vacations’ home.


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We are going to help you to decide by giving you a list of the amazing and top interior designers located in Miami.

Pepe Calderin Design –
Winner of Florida Design Awards, for Best of Bedroom, this interior design and architecture firm has more than 20 years of experience in high-end residential and commercial design. With a fresh and energetic approach to all projects, they believe that there are no boundaries when you’re talking about space.


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Brown Davis Interiors –
Todd Davis and Rob Brown started their own firm in 1994, they were both passionate for classic architecture, elegant rooms and extraordinary craftsmanship. This amazing partnership has designed two residences for the Clintons, President and Secretary of State, The British Embassy residence and an array of exceptional projects involving contemporary and historic renovation. As you can see, they’re really well known around the country and overseas.


Cowshed Spa, Miami Pedicure Treatment Room by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio


DKOR Interiors –
This high-end interior design depicts the work of an all-woman group whom rely on their professional. Knowledge and savvy taste. Their projects are known by the simple and fresh lines with a cool accent of modernism and innovation. It’s possible to see the high end design in each project.

Michael Wolk Design –
Michael Wolk is one of the leading designers of corporate, residential and hospitality interiors. It has a very successful Collections of furniture and furnishings and his award-winning work has been featured in several national and international publications. Take a look at his elegant projects.



Avanzato Design –
With a full range of interior details and services for residential and commercial properties, Avanzato Design is a leading luxury with over 20 years’ experience. Vincenzo Avanzato is the founder and his projects are known for bringing together the world’s finest tastes, styles and trends for discerning clients.


Miami's Ultimate Design Guide For 2018! - Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit Best Interior Designers! #bestinteriordesigners #Design #Miami #TopInteriorDesigners @BestID


Alene Workman Interior Design –
With more than 25 years of experience, Alene Workman interior design is define by its timeless luxury. and its outstanding team. With an outstanding national portfolio, they focus on the art of design, expanding creative possibilities and offering strategic project leadership with extraordinary service. Their award winning firm displays projects in South Florida and throughout the United States.

Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design –
Founded in 1996 by Kobi Karp is a full-service architecture, interior, and planning firm whose portfolio has projects from design of large-scale, high-rise condominium and hospitality projects, to intimate to small-scale low-rise residential and commercial structures.



B Pila Design Studio –
This studio has worked with clients spanning the U.S., South, Central Americas and the Caribbean.  Known by the  Throughout these creative journeys, I’ve uncovered and accumulated best practices, favorite designers, new products, and other tricks of the trade.


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Beasley & Henley Interior Design –
This award-winning company have amazing bold and contemporary interior design projects. Designing at places like The Greenbrier, Albany Bahamas, Isleworth, Naples, Grand Rapids, Chicago, Oceanside, resorts, exotic car clubs, homes for athletes and rock stars, thy’ve been published in many international magazines and, trust us, it worth a million.

J Design Group –
They have successfully completed a diverse range of projects throughout Southern Florida for five-star hotels, upscale restaurants, hospitality installations, and luxury homes. They’ve won a few awards and you can see some of these projects in the best magazines. Sunny Isle, Miami Beach, Boca Raton, Aventura, Pincrest, South Beach, Palm Beach, and Miami are the main places where J design Group has been working.


Miami's Ultimate Design Guide For 2018! - Discover the season's newest designs and inspirations. Visit Best Interior Designers! #bestinteriordesigners #Design #Miami #TopInteriorDesigners @BestID

We hope that now you are more inspired to start setting up your dream house. Written by Didia Sousa.


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