The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha
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Best Interior Designers, Middle East

The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Best Interior Designers brings you the best selection of Interior Designers in Doha.
Are you searching for the leading interior contractors or designers in Doha, Qatar? Interior style companies in Doha, Qatar famous for making elegant, intelligent and dynamic interiors infused with passion and creativeness, want to know why?


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The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

AEA’s team is a combination of design professionals from around the world with diverse experiences. The team is equipped to deliver detailed and luxury infrastructure, built space, visual communication, product, and furniture design.



American Design Source (ADS) is a leading architectural and interior design firm located in Doha, Qatar. The team at ADS specializes in high-end residential and retail design while offering design-build services. Over the past decade, ADS has built its reputation offering cutting-edge design, quality construction, meticulous attention to detail, and exceptional customer service. With years of project experience in the USA, our team has brought a fresh, international vision for the endless design opportunities in Qatar. Each project is a unique reflection of our clients’ personal taste and desires for their space.



Since 2007 ARKA DESIGN TRADING & CONTRACTING started in Qatar as a design company which transferred in 2012 to designing, trading & contracting. Our projects include and are not limited to Pearl Qatar, shops in Tawar Mall, Lagoona Mall, Al Hazm Mall, Gulf mall, offices, and Exquisite Villas. ARKA also provides a section of carpentry, gypsum, and aluminum divisions to facilitate competitive pricing.



Their journey started in 2006, in Paris, where we set up Their first BÖWE studio, mainly working with few select Parisian Luxury Brands. Since then, they quickly grew Their practice internationally, establishing studios in both Doha and Kuwait, in addition to an office in Shanghai, Today BÖWE is a global studio running projects in Europe, Middle-east and Africa.


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CAD ENGINEERING®™ LIMITED registered trademark is a Qatari-Multinational company headquartered in the city of Doha of the State of Qatar, it is a jointly owned business registered as a company with limited liability (L.L.C.) in the State of Qatar. CAD Engineering LTD. ®™ is a property development, architecture, architectural design, urban planning, engineering, construction, interior architectural design & build, interior fit-out, contracting & complete Turn-Key design & build solution firm providing professional expertise & services in the field of property development, architecture, engineering, construction and art industry for both public & private sectors specialized in industrial, commercial, residential & hospitality featuring refurbishment and new construction.




CHARLES CROSS-LONDON is a full-service Architecture and Interior design as well Architecture company. We provide turn-key solutions for clients in the residential, commercial and hospitality fields. Comes from the united kingdom with headquarters – under establishing – in Doha, Qatar, our team of dedicated professionals will guide your project from concept to completion.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Today’s built environment presents subtle and complex challenges to design professionals. The designer can no longer view projects in terms of single-dimensional outcome Design is an evolutionary process that strives to create beyond our best imagines and at CLOUDS, the team aim to create such built environment Design shapes what they desire and how they live it drive the demands for resources and energy.

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The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

DADA Design and Architecture is a design-build architectural company with offices in Beirut and Doha. We were founded in 2008 by Marc El Dada and Mario El Dada who sought to offer full-scale inclusive contracting services with specialities in interiors and landscaping.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Introducing innovative strategies and cost-effective designs, Decorelle, an Architectural and Interior Design Company, has left its mark in the market as a friendly, experienced, and professional solution for any growing project. Working formerly under the name of ‘Beity’ in Beirut, and re-established in 2006 in Qatar as Decorelle, the company has fast grown into a leading beacon.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Del Principe combines imagination and creativity to bring to fruition luxury interior design and high-end architectural projects across the globe. Their goal is to produce successful and impressive designs through sufficient attention to detail, compassionate understanding to perfectly emphasize the desired design of their clients and a precise awareness of timetable and budget.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

At Designer Studio, the team transforms concepts given by clients, to livable luxury spaces. They also incorporate personalized touches in art and styling to turn your house into an intimate luxurious residence. At the Studio, the work is inspired by many ideas, from music, architecture, art and history to stories that the clients share on how they imagine their project to look like. It’s their duty to support clients from the concept to the styling phase. Selection of the right artwork and accessories can make all the difference in a room.


Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

DzineWorks is a world-class interior design Doha firm in Qatar’s fully-fledged professional interior architecture design team dedicated to creative workspaces for niche clients.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Essenza Design is a Qatar-based Interior Design Firm specializing in high-end residential and commercial projects, including the hospitality and retail sectors. With over 15 years of experience in the GCC, their dynamic team will deliver their clients’ most demanding visions through professional creativity and the highest industry standards. Essenza Design approaches each project with commitment and flexibility to accommodate our clients’ individual needs.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Grand Royal Furniture Trading LLC was established in 2000 in Europe and opened its first showroom branch in the Gulf on February 10th, 2011. Opening of the showroom in Doha, Qatar on June 16th, 2012 was an important development step of the сompany. Qatar showroom is considered the main branch of Grand Royal Furniture Trading LLC since it has become an authorized dealer of the three most famous Italian furniture brands – Versace Home and Roberto Cavalli Home. Grand Royal Furniture Trading LLC, proudly names itself one of the leading companies in Europe and the Middle East by offering a wide range of services in the realization of such complex projects like hotels, banks, offices, restaurants, spa-centres, private villas, state institutions.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Guelfo Middle East LLC is an Italian global firm specialized in the design, interior design and fits out of luxury hospitality, commercial and high-end residential units. Every single one of their projects is defined by its unique and distinctive identity and it delivers a special experience through the seamless fusion of elegance and innovation.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

LUNA is an innovative and dynamic DESIGN company based in Doha, Qatar since 2013. Our design allows us to offer our Clients unique and exclusive spaces featuring pure elegance and quality. We take every project as a new challenge, interpreting the needs and wishes of the client. LUNA expertise is extensive in all areas as residential, hospitality, workspace, retail, branding and tailor-made furniture. LUNA was born to create a new way of understanding the world of design, furniture, interior and exterior decoration. In LUNA we work to create art, always searching the natural beauty and quality, giving our design a unique personality and bearing in mind the vanguard of contemporary design, simple and balanced. We are proud to say that many of our clients have rehired us since they understand and appreciate design as a profitable value to their business.


The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Over 30 years ago, the dream called Mirabello Interiors was born. The studio started off as a furniture and lighting design company and have over the years developed into a full-service interior design and fit-out solutions provider.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Pentagram Design is a prominent Qatari company equipped with visionary leadership and a highly experienced management team that provides effective and high-quality solutions. Pentagram provides turn-key solutions in the field of design, furniture and construction in the residential, industrial, hospitality and entertainment sector. Our company services various companies that operate in local and global markets, offering the best of class, contemporary design.


Essential Home Delightfull RugSociety Brabbu Caffe Latte



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Quanto Bello has over 35 years❜ experience in interior design, costing analysis, joinery and upholstery, project management, construction and project fit-out. Quanto Bello began as a small shop-fitting operation and quickly grew into the first choice service provider for joinery and fit-out in the retail and catering industries in South Africa. The company then introduced a design division and rapidly grew in project scope. The business secured work in the U.K, USA, Dubai, Bahrain, India, Mali, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Botswana, Angola and a number of other African countries.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Space Art Interior Design was formed by a group of young ambitious and talented interior designers who are pioneers in the field and want to share their visions and talent with other professionals of the market. To provide a quality product that satisfies their customers ’ needs and expectations every single time.



Studio D Focusing on the key fundamentals of quality, designs, and elegance, Studio D has an exclusive range of home furniture and accessories. Introducing Studio D’s exclusive range of furniture and accessories. Featuring a mix of in-house designs and collaborative efforts with the finest artisan workshops, discover staple pieces for your home that channel our signature classic contemporary aesthetic.

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UNIQUE DESIGN , TURNKEY SOLUTIONSThe 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Each project in Unique Design portfolio – palaces, villas, executive offices, sprawling private residences, restaurants, luxury shops and numerous other distinctive spaces – begins with a definitive design concept formulated in partnership with the client. The carefully considered synthesis of functional space planning, colour and texture, proportion, scale and lighting, are key to Unique Design core design. Unique Design also embraces sophisticated technology with a highly qualified professional team that transforms unique designs into reality.



The 18 Best Interior Designers of Doha

Whyte concepts is one of the pioneer interior designers in Doha, aimed in creating, modifying and restructuring commercial spaces. We strive to provide best-in-class and most relevant kinds of interior design space planning to our clients. All their services are purely budget-oriented and flexible to the requirements raised by the clients. As a prominent interior design firm, Whyte concepts hold the most professional office interior designers and joinery kitchen designers.


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