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Exclusive Interview With Cristina Celestino, a Top Italian Designer

Cristina Celestino is a good example of a designer who goes by the philosophy of basing her work on observation and research. In all her works she’s known for tackling the potential of many shapes, functions as well as going beyond the traditional relations between fashion, art, and design. She currently works and lives in Milan, becoming a top reference in both the city and the country.


Exclusive Interview With Cristina Celestino, a Top Italian Designer


Cristina Celestino was born in Pordenone in 1980. She started giving her essential steps in the industry in  2005 when she graduated from Iuav in Venice with full marks in Architecture. At first, she had some past experiences with a number of architecture studios. Eventually, she would end up shifting her attention to interior architecture and design. However, her career would definitely take a turn for the best in 2009.


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It was that year that Cristina Celestino moved to Milan where she ended up founded her own design brand under the name “Attico Design” in 2010. This company is still active to this day, being notable for producing incredible products with top-notch geometry and rigorous research, all of this with a subtle playfulness with traditional forms. Of course, alike many quality Italian products, these products are made with the help of the country’s expert craftsmen.


“Every Attico Design object brings with it a deep knowledge of and a huge admiration for the great twentieth-century masters of Italian design. All of them come from a careful and never trivial thematic research which is always rich in evocative quotations and echoes from worlds with remarkable expressive and emotional strength.” – Cristina Celestino’s website


In 2012 there would come another high point that would set Cristina Celestino’s works up to the spotlight: she was chosen to take part in the Salone Satellite of that year in Salone del Mobile. However, she would end up participating in other top design events outside of Italy after that. During the occasion of DesignMiami/ 2016, Cristina designed “The Happy Room” collection for Fendi.


Exclusive Interview With Cristina Celestino, a Top Italian Designer


When it comes to her usual work, Cristina Celestino is known for creating some incredible exclusive projects for private clients and many types of companies. We can point out to the fact that her work also extends to creative direction for companies, as well as for the design of interiors and displays. Celestino is also notable for creating some limited editions pieces for design galleries and museums, as well as working for top bespoke brands such as Fendi, Nilufar, Sergio Rossi, BottegaNove and many more. She is the creative director of some exclusive brands, and as an architect, she is engaged in challenging interior and exhibition projects.


Exclusive Interview With Cristina Celestino, a Top Italian Designer


In regards to her design philosophy, she considers herself a collector of Italian design masterpieces. She likes to explore many areas in all her works, especially polar opposites such as the old and the new and the traditional and the contemporary. Among some common features in all she tackles, we can find defined geometry and rigorous research, with the touch of a combo of a subtle play on the impact of traditional forms. Celestino does this in order to be able to convey new messages and different meanings.


Exclusive Interview With Cristina Celestino, a Top Italian Designer


With this type of outstanding career, Cristina Celestino has been honored with several international recognitions. For example, in 2016, she was awarded the special jury prize at Salone del Mobile. Next year, in 2017, she won the ELLE DECO International Design Awards thanks to her wall covering project “Plumage” for Botteganove. At “Salone del Mobile Milano Awards” in 2016 she won the Special Jury Prize and in 2017, it was the Elle Deco International Design Award in the Wallcovering category with the wall covering project “Plumage” for Botteganove. Most recently in 2019, she won the Elle Deco International Design Award again with the wall covering collection “Giardino Delle Delizie” for Fornace Brioni.


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